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Mekong Loop Bike Tour – 9 Happy Days For The Holiday

If you are in a situation where the drive for work has run out, then let’s wait no longer but look for a call from nature. Here, with our fantastic 9-day Mekong loop bike tour, the upcoming adventure promisingly surpasses your expectations!


Mekong Loop Bike Tour

Scroll down and learn more about what we have to offer in over a week passing the delta!

Mekong Loop Bike Tour – An Ultimate Treat For Your Holiday

Day 1: Ho Chi Minh City Biking Tour

The first day when biking Mekong Delta is just about warming up and getting you ready for the upcoming good time. 

Our team shall gather at the hotel and meet up for the first time to give a rundown of the trip’s itinerary. After that, the rest of the day will be spent sightseeing and touring some notable historical sites of Ho Chi Minh City, such as the Presidential Palace and the War Remnants museum.

However, eyeballing the beauty of the downtown is not the only job you have to get done this day. We shall also head to the garage to pick up your bike and see whether it fits you comfortably during the long trip.

Last but not least, all left to do is merely have a hearty dinner and discover the city’s attractions by a special transport called cyclo, also known as a rickshaw.

Day 2: Ho Chi Minh City To Cu Chi Tunnel Biking Tour

In the wake of your hotel breakfast, it shall take about an hour for our shuttle bus to pick up the team and take you to Saigon’s outskirts.

There, the cycling tour is officially off to a good start!

The first roads we will travel through shall be solitary track trails, where you can behold the settlement of Cu Chi farmers and their activities engaged in a day, such as harvesting rubber latex and crafting bamboo furniture and baskets.

Here comes a big break for those who are interested in learning to do new things, especially handicrafts. There is also a chance to catch sight of and even join in extended rural family workshops making rice paper!

Besides, this soil was once used as both a hiding place and a base of operations by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War, so there will be no lack of intriguing and enigmatic destinations for us to set foot on!

After viewing the tunnel, we shall enjoy a picnic lunch before traveling back to Saigon and spending the night there.

Day 3: Ho Chi Minh City To Cai Be – An Binh Island Biking Trip

What comes first this day will be the over-an-hour-long bus ride to Cai Be, the entrance to the Mekong Delta, to take in the lush surroundings of Saigon’s suburbs. When we get to Cai Lay, we commence riding the 25 kilometers on the boat tour, passing by local markets, fruit orchards, and so on.

There goes your moment to enjoy the splendid excursion by boat to the floating market in Cai Be.

Little did you know Cai Be is a famous location given birth in the Nguyen Dynasty. Known as one of the numerous well-known floating markets in the western part of southern Vietnam, the Cai Be Floating Market is the exhibition of all the traits of western region people’s daily life, occupied with crowds as always.

There is also a further special characteristic of such a destination in the Tien River, close to the three provinces of Vinh Long, Tien Giang, and Ben Tre. As such, you can see all deliveries conducted in the market are completely by rafts and boats only. 

Don’t worry! We won’t miss out on any part of this awesome place, including both locations for buying and selling.

Day 4: Cai Be Biking Tour To Tra Vinh

The next morning, we shall wake up early to take in untainted scenery and the early bright atmosphere on both lands and in the water.

The cycling tour will start after breakfast at Cho Lach market for lunch before taking a coach to Tan Trung district. Back on our bikes, we now set out for the next spot at Tra Vinh. 

Under cover of coconut trees, the cycling route is a genuine pleasure and single-track nearly. Crossing this prodigious country road means you are also crossing the Mekong delta (Song Tien River), which forms the border between Ben Tre province and Tra Vinh province, lying athwart of a ferry called Do Ngang, followed by a 7 km ride to Tra Vinh Town. 

There, visitors can stop to visit the Kampong pagoda, the center of the Khmer Buddhist association, before continuing on to Cuu Long.

Day 5: Tra Vinh Cycling Trip To Can Tho

After breakfast at the hotel, we leave to explore Tra Vinh while calling at seven Khmer temples along the road. 

Khmer people make up 50% of the population in Tra Vinh city, which is known as the motherland of the Khmerkrom. Most of them are hardworking farmers who grow three crops of rice each year. 

You will have the chance to see the school of Theravada monks and the Khmer children studying Buddhist teaching in Khmer in the temple after 20 km of cycling through endless, gorgeously green rice paddies. 

Once there, the tour guide will also give a briefing about the history and culture of the Khmer people in the Mekong delta. At that point, don’t forget to let your eyes browse around the scene; you can even occasionally see the monks laboring on a farm. 

Following is the riding on a single track that runs alongside tomato, chili farms, green rice, and green peanut fields for around 8 kilometers. You can pause to take pictures while breathing in the sights of the farmer working in the rice fields. 

After having a meal in Cau Ke Town, we keep on the adventure of biking in the late afternoon to Tra On, following which we use backroads and take a boat across numerous little natural waterways to reach Can Tho. 

This little island full of diverse orchards is another attraction not to miss out on. We will have to pedal 8 additional kilometers to arrive at our hotel in Can Tho City, a bustling city known as the hub of the Mekong delta. 

After a challenging 80-kilometer bicycle ride, guests can relax by the Song Tien River and drink Vietnamese coffee or local beer in the fresh air. Last but not least is a wonderful Can Tho’s meal and a starry overnight stay to call it a day.

Day 6: Can Tho Cycling Trip To Long Xuyen

On this day, we shall get an early start and travel by boat along the Hau River to the Cai Rang floating market, one of Vietnam’s largest. Here is also where you’ll see a throng of wooden boats of all shapes and sizes swarming together to offer their wares. 

You can get up close and personal by squeezing between these floating vendors in your little boat, which is fantastic for taking pictures and purchasing some vegetables for yourself. 

Then it’s back to the bikes as you ride past cheerful people and vibrant greenery. As you move further into the delta, the roads get smaller and less traffic is there. 

Another attraction you would cycle through are countless cottage industries, lumber merchants, coconut shredders, little docks loading/ unloading rice, and tiny bustling markets; take in the sights.

The Mekong is followed through traditional villages, past fish farms, over small bridges, and a more rural vibe in the afternoon as you enjoy a moderate coast through one of the most picturesque regions of the delta. Lastly, the final destination for the day is then Long Xuyen’s arrival, where you spend a captivating night.

Day 7: Long Xuyen Cycling Tour To Chau Doc

The landscape today is in stark contrast to yesterdays. We will commence biking after a brief transfer to Tri Ton. As the team rides closer to Chau Doc, the terrain becomes gently undulating, and the mountains start to loom. 

One spectacular presence for you to perceive is thousands of Thot not trees planted in the area, a sign of the growing proximity to Cambodia, and Vietnamese is the second language spoken there. 

Coming next is the afternoon when you will ride a bicycle to Ba Chuc, where Polpot’s regime slaughtered more than 3,000 Vietnamese in 1978. 

Depending on the state of the roads, the journey swings back to Tri Ton and then continues on wonderful country roads to Chau Doc from Ba Chuc along the border. Sam Mountain can be climbed in time for sunset if you have the energy (and the weather permits)! 

After dinner, the night spent in Chau Doc will be a beautiful end to the day.

Day 8: Chau Doc Biking Tour To Cao Lanh

If you are already fed up with cycling, then a two-hour boat ride to visit floating homes with fish pens, the settlement of the Cham ethnic group, a mosque, and a towel-weaving factory will be what spice up the beginning of your day once more. 

Following, we shall visit the Tra Su Cajuput forest, which is famed for both its nearly unspoiled natural beauty and its sanctuary of wildlife and flowers. 

Take a boat ride into the forest, and you’ll instantly feel at one with nature thanks to the stunning views of cajuput trees, the aroma of flowers, and the relaxing sounds of birds, insects, and other animals. 

It has not yet taken a halt. There, you can also see the roughly 900 ha forest, which is home to numerous animals, especially birds, including some rare ones, from the observation station.

The upcoming tasks to get done are respectively lunch in the forest, hammock relaxation, a monkey bridge adventure, and getting to the city of Cao Lanh. 

For one of the last routes, we shall travel through Dong Thap province’s rural sector, renowned as “the huge rice basket” of the Mekong Delta. Along rivers and canals, we also come across numerous breathtaking vast rice fields to throw a feast for the eyes.

Day 9: Cao Lanh Cycling Tour To Sai Gon

This last day will hit the road plainly with a basic riding excursion from the hotel. Everything shall take place with no sweat at all for you to live up to the island’s marvelous sights while pedaling through fruit orchards, local markets, and so on. 

Once again, you will be served with a joyful boat tour to the floating market in Cai Be and a delectable lunch meal at a historic home. 

Coming last is a leisurely two-hour bicycle ride on a narrow dirt road, strolling over bridges, and taking a ferry to Cai Lay. In the late afternoon, we shall take a bus back to Sai Gon along the congested Highway 1, putting an end to the cycling Mekong Delta tour.


Now you have grasped what shall be included in our 9-day Mekong loop bike tour, hesitate no more but contact us now to learn more about the shocking deal we are up to offer!

A well-paid treat for yourself or your loved ones after a long term of hard work? You bet the trip will definitely be worth it!

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