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5 + Experiences When Traveling With Mountain Bike Tours In Vietnam.

Mountain Bike Tours In Vietnam

“Mountain Bike Tours In Vietnam” is a type of tourism that is being chosen by many young people. Each group of bikes roaming the windy roads of the Northern mountainous provinces, on the sunny roads of the Central region, .. appeared more and more but always brought strong emotions to the people. adventure lover. So what do you know about backpacking? What experiences do you have for this exciting discovery journey?

1. Why should you travel by mountain bikes?

Bikes are considered the best and most flexible means of transportation in Vietnam. Therefore, choosing a bike to travel to mountainous areas will be your smart choice. The reason is due to:

Mountain Bike Tours In Vietnam will help you proactively schedule your trip. With a bike, you will be free to go anywhere you like, you can stop at any time on the way if you want to relax or take pictures without being dependent on the schedule of the bus operator .

If you drive a car, you’ll probably waste your time sleeping on the sweltering passenger benches, tormented by the fatigue of motion sickness. Instead, driving by yourself helps you get closer to the fresh natural air of the mountains.

Not to mention, traveling by car will be extremely inconvenient because the mountain roads are extremely small, picky cars, on the contrary, bikes solve all those problems.

Cycling tours in vietnam

2. What kind of car do you take and when do you depart?

Which bike is for backpacking?

You should choose a bike with a gearbox because these are vehicles suitable for the traffic of the northern mountainous area. The main criteria for you to choose these vehicles are strong engines, fuel economy and very easy to control because as you know hilly roads are very difficult to go with many turns and extremely sharp steering.

When does it start?

Weather is also an important issue you need to consider when planning to travel by bike. According to our experience, the best time for you to conquer the northern mountainous roads is from late September to early December, or after celebrating the Lunar New Year. Because almost at this time, there will be little rain and the temperature is quite cool. If you travel at other times, you will be more susceptible to the spring rains and summer heat affecting your health and safety.

Mountain Bike Tours In Vietnam

3. What to prepare when going on a Mountain Bike Tours In Vietnam?

There are essential items that anyone must prepare when traveling to remote areas such as clothes, shoes, personal belongings, maps, contact information and medical bags. However, traveling on a bike requires you to carry more than that. First you have to prepare yourself a good helmet and a bike repair kit, and of course you also have to equip yourself with skills in engine repair. Remember to bring spark plugs so you can change them anytime when needed. Before the trip, you also remember to bring your motorbike for warranty and check the entire system of the bike, change the oil, check the tires, brakes, mirrors and horns. You should also find out more information about gas stations along the way.

Especially when traveling in areas with a lot of fog such as: SaPa, Ha Giang, etc., you should stick with anti-color decals at the front and rear of the car. These are great examples of help to avoid losing the group of backpackers.

Mountain Bike Tours In Vietnam

4. On the way

If possible, you should ride in groups of two to three motorbikes, with seasoned instructors. All members of the group when moving must ask to go on the same route, to avoid getting lost. People should not ride alongside each other and talk while driving. If necessary, stop the motorbike when you want to talk and exchange something with each other.

You also need to pay attention to bends and drivers going in the opposite direction, and definitely do not move into the lane of other vehicles. Sometimes you can also encounter animals moving on the road such as: buffalo, cow, dog, even pig on the road, so you should slow down and avoid causing them to panic.

At night or while it is raining heavily, visibility is limited, you should stop moving to rest and ensure safety.

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5. Some things you need to keep in Mountain Bike Tours In Vietnam

  • Do not drive when you feel tired or drowsy.
  • Never drive after drinking alcohol.
  • Avoid going too fast and stopping suddenly without notice.
  • Watch carefully and pay attention to road traffic signs.
  • Remember to bring all kinds of identification, driving license… so that when suddenly there is a traffic police check.
  • Remember to be careful when crossing the stream, be sure of the depth of the water before crossing.
  • Respect ethnic minorities and their traditional culture.
  • Protect the environment and you must always remember: Your own safety is the most important thing.

Mountain Bike Tours In Vietnam


Mountain Bike Tours In Vietnam are definitely a wonderful experience for you if you are an off-road-travel-conscious. Discovering Vietnam with a motorcycle would be a great memory for you, bring you to emerge in nature and experience ethnic minorities’ cultural lives. Contact us at a website www.mbtvietnam.com, gmail: alan@mtbvietnam.com or hotline (+84)985333066 for advice on trips. We are very pleased to serve you in Vietnam.

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