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Sapa Cycling To Than Uyen: The Ideal 5-Day Itinerary

Sapa sits right in northwestern Vietnam and is a must-see destination when cycling Vietnam. A Sapa cycling to Than Uyen tour is a fantastic way to explore the cascading rice terraces and little hill tribal settlements that make up most of Vietnam’s countryside. 

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Sapa Cycling To Than Uyen

Sapa Cycling To Than Uyen: 4-Day Tour Itinerary Overview

Day 1: Meet in Hanoi – Lao Cai Bike Tour

Our adventurous mountain Vietnam biking trip from Sapa to Than Uyen began in Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam. On this day, we got a cyclo riding to explore the charm of Hanoi and got to know the group and the brief tour over a meal at a restaurant. 

This was not the first time we had been to Vietnam but the very first time we tried egg coffee in Hanoi. I doubted its taste, but the locals called it a delicacy, so I savored it. And boom! It lured me in the sweetest way ever.

Afterward, the night train brought us to Lao Cai. 

Day 2: Lao Cai – Biking in Sapa – Heaven Gate – Binh Lu – Than Thuoc – Than Uyen Biking Tour: 80km

Following our arrival at the train station, we boarded a bus uphill to Sa Pa, which took little over an hour and allowed us to see the breathtaking views and spectacular rice terraces.

After breakfast, we prepared for our thrilling Sapa Vietnam bike trip, which began at the Silver Waterfall.

We had the chance to take in and be in awe of the magnificent vista of Hoang Lien Mountain while ascending to the Heaven Gate. After a brief bike ride down the main road, we reached a quaint little tea village where we rested and had some handpicked snow shan tea. 

If we had come here in the tea harvesting season, we could have had a chance to pluck the freshest unfurling tea leaves on the plant. Should you want to try, you can come in September. 

Day 3: Cycling Than Uyen – Muong Kim – Minh Luong – Biking Tour Van Ban: 57km

In the morning, we rode our bikes to the Thai hill tribe community of Muong Kim to explore and learn about their way of life. Then, we cycled again to Minh Luong valley. The road wasn’t perfect, but thick jungles and beautiful rice farms surrounded us.

After lunch in Minh Luong, we spent the afternoon exploring several single-track trails to visit local ethnic minority settlements. Having the second night in a motel in Van Ban town, our day three of the Vietnam cycling tours ended.

Day 4: Van Ban Bicycle Tour – Vo Lao – Lao Cai Biking: 50km

It was a great and most relaxing day of Vietnam bicycle tours. After breakfast, we traveled 40 km around the magnificent Minh Luong valley’s other side, stopping along the way to take pictures of the area’s hill tribal residents and stunning scenery.

Once in Vo Lao, we enjoyed a nice lunch and a swim in the river before boarding the support vehicle to return to Lao Cai. Our Vietnam cycle tours from Sapa to Than Uyen came to an end.

Day 5: Hanoi Onward

We arrived at Hanoi Railway Station at five in the morning and returned to the hotel for an early breakfast. Before the pick-up at the Noi Bai airport for my flight home, I made the decision to spend time relaxing and roaming around.

Of course, I couldn’t miss my new fav drink – egg coffee. People said that there was also coconut coffee, but I couldn’t resist the temptation of the egg coffee, at least in that moment.


Taking Sapa cycling to Than Uyen truly gave me a new understanding of this region’s uniqueness. Few places on earth combine such unadulterated natural beauty with a vibrant culture. 

If you haven’t explored Sapa, this is highly recommended before heading across other cycling tours in Vietnam. Take your time and share with us your feeling in the comment section below.

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