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South Central Coast Vietnam – 12 Days Of Exciting Exploration

South Central Vietnam is blessed with many natural beauties, imposing terrain, and breathtakingly stunning waters, including Da Nang beach, which was named the world’s most beautiful beach by Forbes (USA). Let’s join our South Central Coast Vietnam tour for the most satisfactory experience discovering this majestic yet idyllic land.

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South Central Coast Vietnam

South Central Coast Vietnam – 12 Days Of Wonderful Exploration

Day 1: Sai Gon Arrival

It’s our first day in Sai Gon, also known as Ho Chi Minh City, the busiest and largest city in Vietnam. Striking contrasts can be found throughout the city, including opulent new international hotels, upscale eateries, and hip clubs next to roadside food stands and local markets. Bustling, booming, congested, and boisterous are just a few descriptors for Saigon’s addictive and frequently mesmerizing chaos.

Day 2: Sai Gon – Dong Xoai Biking Trip

We woke up early in the morning to go to Buu Long Mountain. Our first cycling tours in Vietnam began along the Dong Nai River, passing through stunning paddy fields and rubber tree plantations.

After lunch, our crew kept cycling down a rural road until we arrived at the War Victory Monument, where we discovered a wealth of fascinating facts about Vietnam’s past. Then, the support vehicle picked us up and took us to Dong Xoai town.

Day 3: Dong Xoai – Lak Lake Cycling Tour

Early in the morning, we rode from Dong Xoai Town to the Ho Chi Minh Trail and then to the village of Dak Mil near the Cambodia and Vietnam border.

Along the way, we stopped by Soc Bom Bo village to learn about the customs and cultures of the S’tieng ethnic community. Once we reached Dak Mil, we took short sightseeing, then hopped on the support vehicle to go to Lak Lake.

Day 4: Lak Lake Biking Tour

Here, we visited the Gong cultural area in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, which includes seventeen minorities from the Austronesian and Austro-Asian linguistic families. Our crew was lucky enough to meet Mr. Renh, a local of M’Nong. He explained to us about the Gong, the primary ceremonial instrument that is used in all of the rituals of community life.

Afterward, we pedaled on a moderately challenging track to get to Yang Tao village. After arriving in Yang Tao, we biked on the path toward Buon D’rung and Buon Cuor, two conserved hamlets.

Day 5: Lak Lake – Da Lat Bicycle Tour

Following breakfast, we visited one of Emperor Bao Dai’s former summer residences and boarded a boat to a sleepy village on the opposite side of Lak Lake. The ride started in Phi Lieng Village on a flat rural road for 10 kilometers before a 12-kilometer ascent to the summit of Phu Son Pass and a 20-kilometer descent to Lam Ha Town.

Our crew pedaled 30 kilometers to Elephant Waterfall after lunch, passing past farms of vegetables, flowers, and silk. After reaching Elephant Waterfall, we stopped by the Linh An Pagoda before cycling another 20 km to Ta Nung Hamlet. Then, the crew paid a visit to coffee plantations and weasel coffee fields to see how the Central Highlands produce weasel coffee.

Day 6: Da Lat – Nha Trang Bike Trip

After breakfast at the hotel, we hopped on the bus to Da Lat  through the country’s newest national park (Bidoup Nui Ba). The ride starts on a flat country road and continues 18 kilometers downhill and uphill to the peak of Bidoup National Park. The 32 km of continuous downhill is the most challenging section for us.

Once we arrived at the destination, we spent the next three hours rafting down the Khanh Le River at a distance of roughly 17 kilometers. The scenery was overwhelming and hypnotizing, leaving us with an inexplicable sensation. Then, we went to Nha Trang, arguably Vietnam’s most well-known beach location, and spent the night there.

Day 7: Nha Trang Relax Day

Today was our free day in Vietnam cycling tours to enjoy stunning Nha Trang’s beach. Being one of Vietnam’s most significant towns, Nha Trang Beach has a vast, miles-long length of white sand and crystal-clear blue waters. We spent most of our day at the beach, swimming and sunbathing.

Then, we took a stroll in the streets and watched Nha Trang’s nightlife. We also got to taste some famous street food, such as grilled fermented pork roll, mango rice paper cake, jellyfish vermicelli, etc.

Day 8: Nha Trang – Ninh Chu Bay Cycling Trip

After breakfast, we took a quick trip to the charming little fishing ports in the south of Nha Trang City, from where we began cycling out of the city on the more picturesque and peaceful airport route. The crew kept cycling on the road for another 20km until it passed a bridge at the My Ca fishing village.

Following lunch, we rode to Nui Chua National Park, where we continued cycling for around 25 kilometers till we reached Vinh Hy Bay. Along the way, we got to see the spectacular mountainous view. After a long biking session, the crew finally reached Ninh Chu Beach, where we stayed overnight.

Day 9: Ninh Chu Bay – Mui Ne Biking Tour

After a hearty breakfast, we started cycling 40 kilometers through Hai Chu Commune to Ca Na Harbor in the direction of Son Hai town. There is not much traffic along the coastal route, allowing us to focus on the spectacular scenery and open coastline. We stopped at the Mui Dinh lighthouse. It was built by the French in 1904 and is still a crucial component of the neighborhood assisting marine vessels.

Following lunch, Ca Na beach welcomed us with the breathtaking panorama of crystal-clear blue sea, a white sandbank, and mountains in the distance. Waves and wind combined to create a harmonious song that was impossible to forget. Today’s cycling in Vietnam journey ended at Mui Ne Beach, where we unwinded and spent the rest of our night.

Day 10: Mui Ne – Binh Chau Cycle Tour

Once transferred to Phu Thuy village, we kicked off our pedal and rode along a pleasant coastal route that passed past the most significant number of dragon fruit trees. It is quite an experience to travel through field after field of these gangly-armed green monsters.

We stopped to sample dragon fruit at nearby farms and took brief breaks for coffee, sugar cane juice, and ice teas. Then, our Vietnam bike trip continued to La Gi town, a fishing village with outstanding beaches nearby. Following lunch, we biked through rural villages on a newly paved road to Binh Chau.

Day 11: Binh Chau – Vung Tau Bike Trip

Beginning a new, wonderful day of Vietnam cycle tours by pedaling along the seashore, we caught the most amazing sunrise and natural charm. Binh Chau is not synonymous with immaculate beaches, but the pristine beauty here filled us with a good mood.

Along the biking tour to Vung Tau, we had a chance to chat with Mr. Hai, a fisherman who was on his way to the local market to sell his goods. We kept riding down the coast after lunch until we reached Long Hai, where we spent the night.

Day 12: Vung Tau Transferring To Sai Gon

It was the last day of our trip. We were free to do as we liked before checking out at 11:30 AM. To make the best out of our limited remaining time, we took a stroll around the city and looked at the vibrant streets one last time. 

Then, the support vehicle took us to Ho Chi Minh. And our fantastic Vietnam bicycle tours were officially over.


The leisurely tempo of the South Central Coast Vietnam bicycle tour allows you to appreciate this region’s extraordinary landscape fully. This area, which is peaceful, tranquil, and gorgeous, is unquestionably the ideal vacation from a busy schedule and a hectic life. You can also find peace on magnificent beaches with sand or see exotic species in national parks.

Sign up for this cycling Vietnam tour now to have the best time of your life. Also, stay tuned for more thrilling Vietnam motorcycle tours and cycle trips!

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