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What to Do in Great 3-Day Ta Xua Biking Tours?

Join our Ta Xua biking tours now if you want to welcome the dawn and touch a sea of clouds on one of Vietnam’s top ten highest peaks.

Ta Xua is a newly discovered traveling destination in Bac Yen district, Son La province – 240 km from Ha Noi. At its highest peak, the mountain is up to 2865 meters, where clouds often go down all day and form captivating white “cotton candies” floating across paths and villages.

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You also fall in love with the beauty of wildness there since lives and landscapes are almost untouched by industrialization.

I excitedly shared my recent 3-day Ta Xua cycling itinerary so that you can plan to explore this place next time!

3-Day Ta Xua Biking Tours Itinerary

Having searched for 3-day Vietnam motorcycle tours, I expected a wonderful time with pristine nature in Ta Xua and also had a chance to visit the beautiful scenes in Mai Chau and Da Bac, Phu Yen. Thus, in October, I took a cycling tour from Hanoi – Mai Chau – Phu Yen – Ta Xua – Hanoi.

As far as I know, October to April is the best time to enjoy cloud paradise. This period coincides with the flowering season, such as plum trees, poinsettia flowers, peach trees, and other wildflowers – a dream of any photographer, even an amateur like me.

All paths, schedules, bikes, and accommodations are well-planned by dedicated motorcycle tour guides. Thus, I just needed to get miles on my legs by practicing on my bike as much as possible to be ready for a ride in remote areas.

Plus, I was reminded to prepare drinks, food, and snacks in my backpacks since riding consumes a lot of energy. I also brought warm clothes since the temperature runs low at dawn and night.

Day 1: Hanoi – Mai Chau – Phu Yen Biking Tour(160km)

Although it is a biking Ta Xua tour, my crew did not pedal a long way of 240 km from the capital. It is such a distance for three days. Thus, we took an easy drive on the first day to save energy while viewing the beautiful scenes on both sides.

From Ha Noi, the tour guide picked me up in the early morning – around six, so I could stop at some attractions in Hoa Binh and take beautiful pictures or have lunch. Then, I still had plenty of time left to explore Ta Xua. Some destinations I explored were Hoa Binh Hydro-Electric Power Dam, Old Highway 6, tea plantations, etc.

The Ta Xua cycling tour reached Phu Yen district by nightfall, ready for your exploration the following day.

Day 2: Phu Yen – Ta Xua Cycling Trip (45km)

Clouds embrace the majestic Ta Xua mountain and village’s roofs all year round. However, as I mentioned earlier, they are the most beautiful during the warm spring or cold winter, from October to April.

Lucky me, I managed to get up early and hunted the clouds successfully. There, wait for dawn to arrive from the high panoramic view and the first sun shines ray upon the fluffy cloud sea.

Such a magnificent scene!

I took my bike to the peak because I wanted to ride down later. However, my advice for you is to climb up the mountain rather than ride since the light is ambient and you are unfamiliar with Ta Xua’s road.

When the dawn fully came up, it was time to start my biking journey down along the “Song Lung Khung Long ” – “the back of a dinosaur” path. The name is because the look of the Ta Xua mountains from afar is similar to a resting dinosaur.

Be prepared and extra careful since the back is only a 1-meter curving and sloppy road, with two bending sides straight down – not to mention the winds and low pressure at the high peak. If you are uncomfortable riding, you can just walk down and take pictures. It’s up to you.

At the bottom of the mountain, I further rode around to explore the natural beauty and meet the local villagers. I met a 6-year-old ethnic girl who was shy, obedient, and pretty. I took a picture here and hoped to meet her again when visiting Ta Xua next time.

When the night came, my friend, the tour guide, and I were accommodated in a surrounding homestay. Though the service there was quite poor, it was still worth trying the flavor of wildness and enjoying local dishes. The tour guide even told me folktales of Ta Xua and the cultures of the locals.

Day 3: Ta Xua – Da Bac – Hanoi Bicycle Tour (160km)

Since Ta Xua is rather wild and has almost no services or ecological tourism, my crew only needed one day to explore all the places.

On the last day of the cycling Ta Xua tour, we went to the neighboring Da Bac and headed back to Ha Noi. At first, we were on a car from Ta Xua to Phu Yen and then to Da Bac; however, we used our pedals again for the final 30 kilometers.

Da Bac is nested in the Hoa Binh Water Reservoir’s corner and blessed with untouched natural scenery and a pleasant climate – ideal for biking tours. 

I had chances to treat your sight with majestic limestone mountains, lakeside routes, and paddy fields while immersing myself in breezes and unpolluted air. On the way, I also encountered Thai and Muong minorities and got to know their interesting customs.

When I and the others reached Da Bac eco-tourism homestays, we had lunch and took a short rest to recharge our bodies.

In the afternoon, some went kayaking, swam, and participated in unique cultural activities such as dancing or drumming. Meanwhile, I and the rest preferred our wheels to continue rolling on the village paths alongside the river.

All got in the car or coach to get back to Ha Noi by the evening and recalled the wonderful experience in Ta Xua.

Final Thought

With all the information above, I strongly recommend you be ready for Ta Xua biking tours. When you cycle to Ta Xua once, you will want to return more times. This place is extremely attractive to nature lovers.

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