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Top 5 Vietnam Mountain Biking Tours

Meta: Vietnam Mountain Biking tours are an extremely attractive experience if you want to explore the majestic high mountains of Vietnam and love adventure with motorbikes.


Vietnam Mountain Biking

Conquering high mountains and overcoming vast natural forests always have a strong attraction to travel lovers. Not inferior to famous landscapes in the world, Vietnam has a harmonious geographical position between the mountains and the sea, so it owns many beautiful tourist attractions that captivate people. If you dream of conquering the craggy peaks or simply need a scenic trip to the mountains, let us suggest the 5 most beautiful Vietnam Mountain Biking Tours right in this article!

1. Ba Den mountain tourist area

Located in the northeast of Tay Ninh city, nearly 100km from Ho Chi Minh City, Ba Den mountain is not only famous for people in Tay Ninh but also for those who like trekking. Currently, Ba Den mountain tourist area has completed the construction of a cable car that takes visitors to the top of the mountain to enjoy the scenery, providing more experience opportunities for visitors.

Check-in at the peak of the mountain and create a unique set of photos with the fanciful “balcony in the clouds” area are super shimmering photography angles that everyone must try when conquering Ba Den Mountain. Besides the beautiful scenery, Ba Den mountain tourist area also has many sacred spiritual tourist sites, attracting people and tourists from all over the neighboring provinces. Before leaving, don’t forget to try Tay Ninh heifer and buy pomelo spring rolls as a gift!

You can visit Ba Den Mountain from December to April next year. This is the time in the dry season, the road for sightseeing is dry. You should come here from January 4 to 16 to enjoy the atmosphere of Ba Den Pagoda festival with the flow of pilgrims on this occasion.

Ba Den mountain tourist area

2. Cam mountain tourist area – An Giang

Cam Mountain is the highest mountain of That Son mountain range in An Giang, known as “Da Lat of the West” because of its fresh and cool climate. Cam Mountain is 250km from Ho Chi Minh City, so you can choose to travel here by motorbike.

When you reach the top of Cam mountain, you can stay overnight at hotels or motels to experience the sunrise on the mountain. The most prominent still must be mentioned the big temples here such as Big Buddha Pagoda, Van Linh Pagoda and the mysterious stories that make up the attraction of the Forbidden Mountains.

For the most convenient visit, you can go to Cam Mountain in September, October or November. Although it is the rainy season, this is also the most beautiful floating season in the West. At that time, the melaleuca forest will be covered with duckweed all over the water, you will enjoy the specialties in An Giang such as Linh fish, Dien Dien cotton, …

Vietnam Mountain Biking Tours

3. Ta Cu mountain tourist area

When it comes to Binh Thuan, people still remember the cool blue beaches. This time try to “change the wind” with Ta Cu mountain resort if you are a lover of conquering mountains!

Only 170km from Ho Chi Minh City, Ta Cu Mountain with its cool year-round climate is a place that is already familiar to members of the mountaineering or trekking association. If you have enough health and want to challenge yourself, you can climb more than 1000 steps to conquer the top of the mountain. This journey will also give you the opportunity to explore Da Ban Ha, Da Ban Thuong, Doc Bang Lang, Doc Yen Ngua… places that if you take the cable car, you will not be able to see.

Ta Cu mountain tourist area still has a wild landscape, looming ancient pagoda roofs. If you go deeper into the mountain, visitors will admire a series of Buddha statues, the most impressive being the 49-meter-long and 11-meter-high Reclining Buddha.

Coming here every spring, visitors can also enjoy watching the yellow apricot flowers, the fragrant red apricot flowers blooming in the forest. Or relax with elegant pleasures of recreational fishing and check-in to live a virtual life in the middle of a mountain-lined mausoleum.

Vietnam Mountain Biking Tours

4. Mountain tourism in Ham Lon

The highest peak in Hanoi, Ham Lon, stands at 462 meters and is known as the “roof of the capital.” This location, which is around 30 kilometers from the city center of Hanoi, has long been a popular weekend destination for young people.

Ham Lon mountain, located in the heart of Soc Son nature’s gorgeous pine forest, is a great camping site to assist you temporarily forget about the bustling metropolis. Furthermore, Ham Lon mountain tourism fascinates visitors due to the abundance of super-authentic virtual living areas. You will undoubtedly receive “thousands of likes” images with the backdrop of thousands of pine trees.

Mountain tourism in Ham Lon

5. Tram mountain tourism

Not too far from the center of Hanoi, only about 25km, Tram mountain – also known as Tu Tram Son – is located in Chuong My district, Hanoi. Tram mountain tourism is famous for 3 temples named Tram Pagoda, Hang Pagoda and Tram Vo Vi Pagoda, respectively. Therefore, on weekends or Tet holidays, Tram mountain will welcome a large number of tourists. We will suggest some suitable times for you to visit Tram mountain during the year:

If you want to experience the Tram pagoda festival, come here on the 2nd day of the second lunar month.

If you love nature and want to see the scenery of flowers, then go to Tram Mountain in late March or early April to see firsthand the forest of white flowers of the whole region.

You can also come here between April and May when the temperature is still cool, not too hot, convenient for climbing or camping activities.

Tram mountain tourism


Above are the top 4 places you should not miss if you choose Vietnam Mountain Biking to explore this S-shaped land.. Contact us at a website www.mbtvietnam.com, gmail: alan@mtbvietnam.com or hotline (+84)985333066 for advice on trips. We are very pleased to serve you in Vietnam.

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