A Biking Mekong Delta Journey – 9 Days Of Wonders


The Mekong Delta, which resides in Vietnam’s southernmost parts, is a culturally rich region known for its natural beauty. There is no better way to explore it than biking through each province and taking in the beautiful scenery yourself.
That is why we prepared this biking Mekong Delta tour for you. We hope you can fall in love with this region as much as we do.

Biking Mekong Delta Tour Itenary

Day 1: Saigon – Vinh Long Bike Tour (50 km)

We began our Mekong delta cycling tours in Saigon, Vietnam’s biggest and most vibrant city. After a brief introduction to this city and its rich history, our journey started toward Vinh Long. This day’s ride was on the lighter side with 50 km.
On the way, the bustling city was gradually left behind, giving way to the quiet rural villages along the Mekong River’s bank. As a result, we could see a big contrast between the two extremes of Vietnamese life.
A small yet cozy hotel in Vinh Long was waiting for us for the night.

Day 2: Cai Be – Can Tho Biking Tour (70 km)

The second day of the Mekong delta cycling tours led us further into the Mekong Delta. We admired evenmore of the tranquil waters and lush landscape that this region is well-known for.
Along the ride, we had the chance to see Cai Be’s floating markets, the most vibrant and busiest market throughout this delta. Our team decided to take a break and enjoy a boat cruise along this river to see how people live alongside the bank while interacting with them.
In the evening, a homestay with a big feast was ready for us all to relax and recharge.

Day 3: Cai Be – Can Tho Cycling Tour (70 km)

We left early in the morning of the third day, heading to Can Tho. It’s one of the most bustling commercial centers and main markets. As we cycled, a lot of tropical forests unfolded, soaking in the Mekong Delta’s unique beauty.
Due to its abundant waterways and fertile soil, this region has been a cornucopia of tropical fruits as well as fresh products. There were several stops along this biking ride to test these culinary delights.
After arriving at Can Tho, we relaxed at a local guest house.

Day 4: Can Tho – Soc Trang Bicycle Tour (70 km)

On this day of Mekong Delta biking tours, we kissed goodbye to Can Tho and pedaled toward Soc Trang, the city located right in the delta region’s heart. That is also why it has all the charms that the Mekong Delta has to offer.
We rode through picturesque villages and wavy rice paddies on quiet country roads before being greeted by the noisy and bustling city roads. Arriving at Soc Trang, we spent the remainder of this day checking on all the charming temples that bear a mysterious beauty.
After a long riding day, we regrouped at a hotel for dinner and rest, as the next day was a more challenging ride.

Day 5: Soc Trang – Rach Gia Cycle Tour (80 km)

The destination for the fifth day was Rach Gia, a port city located right on the Gulf of Thailand’s shores. It is also Kien Giang’s capital city, so we were lucky to really “taste” this province.
Due to its special location, it is wetter than most tropical monsoon climates. We could experience this difference clearly while cycling, as it posed a real challenge.
That was why after the 80 km ride ended and we arrived at the hotel, we didn’t have any other schedule, savoring the entire evening to ourselves. Some of our team members chose to relax in their room, while the rest went out to blend in the Mekong islands’ nightlife.

Day 6: Rach Gia – Ca Mau Part 1 Bike Route (60 km)

Our goal for the sixth day of biking tours Mekong Delta was to cover half the route between Rach Gia and Ca Mau. Due to the 120 km distance, we have to split the ride into two 60 km legs.
During the first part, we got to enjoy the beach-heavy climate of the region on its quiet roads, thanks to the Gulf of Thailand.
On the way, we had a long break at the U Minh Thuong National Park. There, the unique landscape combination between the Mekong Delta climate and the ocean climate reminded us of a Hawaii holiday trip.
Then, we rested at a local guest house.

Day 7: Rach Gia – Ca Mau Part 2 Bicycle Trip (60 km)

The second part of this route was packed with many attraction spots, so we started early. During the ride, we stopped at the U Minh Ha National Park, taking in the beautiful scenery while having lunch.
Then, we cleared the rest of the ride to arrive at Ca Mau, the capital of Vietnam’s southernmost province. The rest of the afternoon was dedicated to visiting Ca Mau Floating Market. Be careful or else you might fall into the water because one of us did!
Such a tough day closed with a sound night’s sleep at a local hotel.

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Day 8: Ca Mau – Bac Lieu Biking Trip (70 km)

On this day, we headed toward Bac Lieu City, the capital of Bac Lieu province. The fruit tree’s stunning scenery welcomed us while passing through. Some of the farmers even invited us to try their longan and rambutan – typical tropical fruits in this region. Juicy and sweet, these fruits indeed stole our hearts!
We also crossed some wooden bridges, which brought about quite an authentic experience. After arriving in the city, we left our stuff at the local guest house and explored the Bac Lieu canal on rented fishing boats.

Day 9: Bac Lieu – Ben Tre – Saigon Cycling Trip

The last day was a bit special, we loaded all the bikes onto a bus and pedaled back to Ben Tre. After arriving, we had lunch and visited the Lan Vuong Cultural and Sports Area.
Then, we spent the afternoon riding back to Saigon, finishing our cycling tours Mekong Delta in the evening. Our time budget was quite ample, so we couldn’t help but seek fun in this sleepless metropolis once more.


The biking Mekong Delta tour pulled us on a cycling adventure through the Delta region’s heart and soul. These daily rides through rural villages, rice paddies, fruit orchards, and Khmer temples allowed us to dive deeper into the daily life of Vietnamese people.
You do need to remember that there is still a risk. That is why it’s important to have travel insurance for the trip, so let’s get one by only participating in the official tours.
Don’t forget to share this Vietnam biking trip with your beloved ones!

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What include in the bike tour I may book?

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How hard cycling will be?

We have designed a range of tours to suit every kind of cyclist from off road mountain biking in Vietnam and cycling in Laos. All level can join our cycling trips!

When is the best time to cycle in Vietnam?

Vietnam is a long country with several distinct climatic zones. The best time to take our bike tour is December – March, which is the Vietnamese winter. November is also a good time although you might strike the end of the monsoon season and have one or two wet days.

In the Far North of Vietnam, March – May or October – December are the best times to visit (January and February, which are the height of winter, can be too cold).

The winds from January on will mostly come from the north, so it is best to bike from the north to the south. The wind is not so strong in November/December.

Do I need travel insurance?

We strongly recommend you take out travel, accident, medical, baggage and cancellation insurance. Medical Evacuation insurance is compulsory in Vietnam and India.

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