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Traveling Vietnam with “Vietnam Bicycle”

Meta: Traveling Vietnam with “Vietnam Bicycle” will undoubtedly be one of the most interesting excursions you should take while in Vietnam.

Vietnam Bicycle

Exploring beautiful lands by bicycle is a safe and friendly travel experience during the epidemic season and will be a popular green tourism trend after the epidemic. In this article, we suggest the top 6 beautiful cycling routes in North Vietnam.

When you are tired of resort trips, just sleeping all day in hotels, it’s time to try cycling trips. Discovering Vietnam with a Vietnam Bicycle can be the best way for you to really see how nature’s beauties are up close, but also benefit you a lot.

1. Bike Travel Benefits

Bicycling is a fun way to travel since you can freely explore all the beauties along the way and eat tasty, nutritious, and inexpensive cuisine that not everyone gets to try. Cycling is also a very good type of exercise for health, allowing visitors to have a more resilient health for a difficult travel route.

Not every tour program can provide a bicycle adventure that provides health, experience, new space with new people, or nice time with relatives and friends.

Biking In Vietnam

1.1. Beneficial to one’s health

Cycling is a gentle form of physical activity that aids in weight loss, blood pressure stabilization, increased blood circulation, improved physique, and a variety of other health benefits.

1.2. Flexibility and autonomy

Traveling by bike, on the other hand, gives you a greater sense of control and flexibility. If you encounter lovely landscape along the roadway, you can go wherever and stop to retain your memories.

1.3. Overcoming Obstacles

If you’ve never traveled alone or live too comfortably in your own house, now is your chance to put your limitations and yourself to the test. If you’ve never tried your endurance, now is your chance to do so and see what’s intriguing!

1.4. Visit a variety of locations

Bicycling allows guests to see all of the interesting tourist attractions, unspoilt new regions, and many interesting stops in a new land that are not available on conventional tour programs. Forests, mountains, villages, rivers, streams, ponds, and other natural areas with restricted access roads that are only suitable for walking, motorbikes, and cycling. And, in particular, you will have the opportunity to observe the gorgeous scenery on both sides of the route you travel; in the countryside, you will be greeted by the kindness, rusticity, and traditional cultural elements of the local people. This is a one-of-a-kind system that you won’t find when traveling by other ways.

Vietnam Bicycle

1.5. Make new friends and socialize with a large number of new people.

If the whirlpool of going to work and returning home has left you feeling miserable and tired of life, then this is a fantastic vacation option. Opportunity to make new acquaintances, pair them up, and accompany them. If your family has shy children, don’t be scared to allow them to go out and gain life experience and soft skills.

1.6. Possibility of bringing family and business together 

Family members, as well as a company or business, will enjoy challenges or safety riding tournaments. Not only that, but if a firm or business wants to establish a brand, this is a terrific way to promote it.

Vietnam bike tours price

2. Rides Appropriate For Bike Travel

If you are unable to travel long distances, you can take short bike trips around your home or to new places to learn about the roads, stunning scenery, and local people’s lifestyles. direction. The fantastic locations listed below will not let you down when it comes to having a great time while participating in bike excursions.

2.1. Hanoi city tour 

The wheels around Hanoi help visitors love the little things more. with shady streets, contemplative old street corners, bustling night markets, streets hugging lake beds, streets of Phan Dinh Phung, Hoang Dieu, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum area, Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, Thang Long four towns, Hoa Lo Prison, West Lake,…

2.2. Ninh Binh – Explore the land’s equivalent of Ha Long Bay. 

Ninh Binh is a place with stunning scenery, appealing mountains and rivers, and is a popular tourist destination due to its notable natural heritages, long-standing historical sites, and historical landmarks. things that are appealing Few people realize, however, that this land contains numerous untouched nooks and crannies in addition to famous landscapes.

Vietnam Bicycle

2.3. Mai Chau – Rice Seasons of Dreams

Mai Chau is a lovely little valley in Hoa Binh that hides many modest but interesting features. The chilly environment and kind character of Mai Chau are well-known. There are banyan blooms in the spring, delicious ripe rice in the summer, and green trees all year. Visitors can ride around the routes through villages and rice fields, breathe in the pure, tranquil air, or climb the high rocky slopes to appreciate the peaceful and stunning panorama when they visit Mai Chau from a high vantage point.

2.4. Ha Giang — awe-inspiring scenery 

It’s no surprise that Ha Giang is a destination with breathtaking landscape, terraced farms as far as the eye can see, and fields of buckwheat flowers clothed in purple hills that combine with the region’s cultural identity. Ha Giang attracts travelers from all over the world because of its high elevation. By riding through valleys surrounded by mountains and stunning rice terraces, you can experience Ha Giang, often known as “Vietnam’s Paradise.” Don’t forget to spend some time visiting ethnic minority settlements and eating lunch with the locals.

Vietnam Bicycle


Traveling Vietnam by “Vietnam bicycle” is very interesting, you can freely explore all the beauty on the journey through, eat delicious, nutritious and cheap dishes that not everyone has the opportunity to know. Not only that, cycling is a very good form of exercise for health, helping visitors have a more resilient health for a challenging travel journey. Hopefully our useful information and suggested routes for cycling will bring you a perfect trip! If you’re ready, get in touch with us via a website www.mbtvietnam.com, gmail: alan@mtbvietnam.com or hotline (+84)985333066 for advice on trips. We are glad to serve you and hope you have a happy trip, many memorable memories in Vietnam.

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