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Unique Vietnam Bike Tour – 17 Great Days To Live Your Salad Days!

Vietnam is a remarkable destination for tourists worldwide. The country not only welcomes foreign guests with wonderful hospitality, but it also makes every second of the tourists worthy and unforgettable with the marvelous and majestic natural beauty. 


Unique Vietnam Bike Tour

Instead of going around by tour bus or car, cycling is a more highly recommended way to enjoy both the beautiful sights and the atmosphere of Vietnam’s nature. For this reason, we have opted for a unique Vietnam bike tour. Scroll down if you want to know more about the tour.

Detailed Itinerary Of The Unique Vietnam Bike Tour

Below is the schedule of our wonderful Vietnam bike tour:

#Day 1 Of The Vietnam Cycle Trip: Arrive In Hanoi, Start Our 

Once we landed at Noi Bai International airport, the tour guide took us to the hotel in Hoan Kiem district, the most crowded, lively, and antique area in Hanoi capital. The first activity in the Vietnam bike trip was to contemplate the historic, classic, and hidden charm of Hanoi on a cyclo ride. 

Although the structure of Hanoi Old Quarter brought vintage and peaceful atmosphere, the liveliness of people and activity there amazed us. Then, we were served delicious traditional Vietnamese food at our hotel.

#Day 2 Of The Vietnam Cycling Tour: Hanoi – Lao Cai (8-Hour Night Train)

We spent the whole day of the second day exploring the capital. The tour bus took us to visit some of Hanoi’s symbolic places, such as Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum, the One Pillar Pagoda, the Presidential Palace, etc. These places told us the story of glorious Vietnamese history, traditional values, national unity, and the worthy manners of the Vietnamese.

Moreover, we delighted in the ancient structure of Hanoi’s 36 streets before enjoying a water puppet show. After finishing our meal, we went to Lao Cai by train.

#Day 3 Of The Cycle Tour In Vietnam: Lao Cai – Bac Ha – Ta Van Chu ( On A Car – 15km Trekking)

The tour guide greeted us with a delectable breakfast when we reached Lao Cai. Next, we went on a car trip to an ethnic market. The majestic mountainous view, endless yellow paddy fields, and fresh air eliminated all of our fatigue after 8 hours on the train. 

We also met and chatted with a Hmong man named A Tru. He shared with us his daily life, the local customs, and the famous unique food there. 

In the afternoon, the first physical activity in the biking Vietnam tour started by trekking the Hmong flower villages. 

#Day 4 Of The Vietnam Mountain Bike Tours: Ta Van Chu – Thai Giang Pho (18km trekking)

We woke up early to contemplate the sunrise in the mountainous area, and this decision didn’t disappoint us. 

Next, we discovered Bac Ha’s remote area with 5 hours of trekking. The feeling of conquering a peak and breathing the air into our lungs was amazing and unforgettable. 

Unfortunately, our tour was not during the flower forests’ blooming season, so we couldn’t take some wonderful photos there. If you want to enjoy the colorful blossoms, you can go there between January and February.

#Day 5 Of The Bike Tours In Vietnam: Thai Giang Pho – Ban Na Lo (20km trekking)

The gorgeous and charming valleys, endless yellow paddy fields, and corn fields on the trekking route will stay in our memory for good. The beautiful sights were the rewards for our 20km of trekking.

Furthermore, we had a chance to communicate with different ethnic people during the route. In the late afternoon, we reached Na Lo village and stayed in Lo Kieu’s house, a Tay ethnic man, until the next morning. It rained at night not so heavily, but the atmosphere would be cleaned and refreshed the next morning.

#Day 6 Of The Bike Vietnam Tours: Bac Ha Market – Pho Lu – Hanoi (Trekking – Riding Horse – Night Train)

The sixth day of the Vietnam bike tour was Sunday. Luckily, it was the only day in the week that the Bac Ha market was in session, so we could experience the bustling trading of ethnic people there. 

We spent a few dollars to hire a horse to ride around the market because trekking on the previous three days was enough for me. Honestly, Bac Ha market was a party of sounds, colors, and smells. Next, we got back to Pho Lu and prepared for our night train back to Hanoi.

#Day 7 Of The Vietnam Bike Tours: Hanoi – Da Nang – Pleiku (1-Hour Flight – Hiking – Rafting)

Our flight from Hanoi landed in Da Nang for transfer and kept flying to Pleiku. We had a slight visit to Phun village on the way to Pleiku. Moreover, we joined a 6-km hiking route to Jolong village and explored the DakBla river’s source. 

After a relatively tired but interesting trekking route, we relaxed by rafting down the DakBla river and enjoyed a picnic lunch. Then we traveled to KonKtu village to wait for a drive to Kon Tum city.

#Day 8 Of The Vietnam Biking Tours: 45 Biking In Kontum

In the early morning, the sun gradually rose from behind the mountains, and its beam penetrated the local houses. The surroundings were so quiet and peaceful that we felt like we were the only people. Besides, the clear morning atmosphere made the vision seem endless.

We started to ride our bikes from the hotel to the Kon Ray district on a 40km route. When we arrived, we had lunch with a Jo Long ethnic family. Then, we walked about 4km down the DakBla river and went to the KonKtu village to have dinner. 

#Day 9 Of The Vietnam Bike Tour: Kontum City Tour (4-Hour Motorbiking)

A motorbike was our sidekick on the ninth day of the Vietnam cycling tour. Our destinations on that day were Ja Rai’s cemetery and Ya Ly lake. Firstly, we drove to Ja Rai’s cemetery, which was located on Kontum’s west side. 

The wooden statues there represent the ancient rituals of the local people. And the craftsmen must have been talented at creating such complicated and unique details.

We drove 21km from the cemetery to Ya Ly lake. You can’t imagine how fresh and airy the atmosphere was in Ya Ly lake. The lake was like a huge air-conditioner in the surrounding area. Since it was too soon to have a picnic lunch on the lake bank, we had lunch at a local Kontum restaurant before visiting some Bahnar ethnic people’s villages in the afternoon.

#Day 10 Of The Biking Tour In Vietnam: Kontum – Buon Ma Thuot (145km On A Car – Rafting – Bathing In A Natural Lake)

The touring car took us to Buon Ma Thuot on a 145km route. After checking in at the hotel and having lunch, we went to Gia Long waterfall. We rafted along the river and stopped at a prepared location for a simple stroll. 

Honestly, the distant car trip diminished our energy for strolling. Fortunately, bathing in the natural lake called “Fairy Pool” refreshed our minds and energy.

#Day 11 Of The Vietnam Mountain Bike Tours: Buon Ma Thuot – Lak Lake (90km On A Car – Canoeing)

We visited Buon Juin, the area of M’Nong ethnic people, on the eleventh day of the bike tour in Vietnam. Besides the tour guy, a M’Nong teenager named A Lu enthusiastically accompanied us for a gentle walk around the village to witness the daily life of the local people. 

Next, we drove to Lak lake and joined a canoeing trip along the lake. We ended the eleventh day in Buon Ma Thuot with a free afternoon to discover the local town.

#Day 12 Of The Vietnam Bike Trip: Buon Ma Thuot – Ho Chi Minh (1-Hour Flight)

The 12th day of our Vietnam bike tours was a day of transporting and free traveling. The touring car took us to the airport in the morning for a flight to Ho Chi Minh city. 

Then, we went on a 1-hour flight to the center city of Vietnam’s Southside. After reaching Ho Chi Minh City, we stayed in a hotel located in District 1. We spent the remaining time wandering around District 1 and Bui Vien street.

#Day 13 Of The Cycle Tour In Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh – Con Dao (1-Hour Flight)

After a cheerful night at the sleepless city, we filled up our energy with Hu Tieu (a kind of noodles) for breakfast. The thirteenth day of the Vietnam biking tour was an easy and relaxing day. We departed from Tan Son Nhat International airport for Con Dao island. Next, we checked in at a hotel in Con Dao and explored the town by ourselves.

Cycling along the coast, we took in the fresh air wafting in the scent of the sea while the wind was caressing our hair. It seemed like all the sorrow, stress, and tiredness of this busy life had gone. That was why we decided to spend another whole day discovering this island.

#Day 14 Of The Vietnam Bike Trip: Exploring Con Dao (Motorbiking – Hiking)

We got up early in the morning and took a motorbike trip to the Sharp Cape to contemplate the glorious sunrise on the island. The sight was stunning. When we stood on a Sharp Cape’s edge, we could witness the limitless blue ocean, and the sun gradually rose from the ocean’s surface. We took many pictures there.

After having breakfast, we boarded Hon Bay Canh island and visited one of the most enormous-scaled sea turtle sanctuaries and nesting sites in Vietnam. Then, we participated in a 3-hour hike through the jungle. Most remarkably, we were so lucky to catch the sight of a mother turtle laying eggs in the evening.

#Day 15 Of The Biking Tours In Vietnam: Exploring Con Dao (Motorbiking – Hiking)

The most memorable but also possessing location in our biking Vietnam tour was the Con Dao prison, which was built during the invasion of France and the USA in Vietnam’s territory. 

The statues with real-person size in Con Dao prison depicted the savage torture of the invaders on Vietnamese soldiers. We could sense how brave and determined Vietnamese Communists and people were to protect and free their country. 

After leaving the prison, we enjoyed the panoramic view of Con Dao island on the peak of Thanh Gia mountain.

#Day 16, 17 Of The Bike Tours In Vietnam: A Free Day In Con Dao And Back To Ho Chi Minh City

The sixteenth day of the bike tours in Vietnam was a day off. We spent the whole day riding a motorbike around the island, taking some photos on the edges, feeding the monkey on the island, eating the exclusive Con Dao coconut ice cream, swimming on the beach, and having seafood.

The touring car took us to the Con Dao airport for a flight to Ho Chi Minh city. After about 1-hour, we reached Ho Chi Minh city and finished our bike tour in Vietnam.

Bottom Lines

We are completely satisfied with our bike tour in Vietnam because of the breathtaking views, Vietnamese people’s hospitality, affordable services, and delicious cuisine. We bet that taking a unique Vietnam bike tour will be an unforgettable memory for any tourism enthusiasts. 

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