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Vietnam Beach Cycling: 15 Days With Unforgettable Experiences

Beach cycling is a new experience for several tourists to Vietnam. With a long coastline from north to south, you can enjoy the special immersive cycling and beautiful routes along the beaches.

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Vietnam beach cycling

What could be more wonderful than savoring the breathtaking panoramic beauty of Vietnam while immersed in the country’s natural fresh air?

Welcome to our Vietnam beach cycling. Let’s read on to get more useful information about the detailed itinerary of this tour.

Vietnam Beach Cycling – Detailed Itinerary

This Vietnam cycling tour lasts for 15 days with several highlights of Vietnam. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about Vietnam’s cultural history through monuments and unique destinations.

Besides, you will enjoy countless specialties of each region and immerse yourself in the colorful natural scenery of Vietnam. Below are detailed routes that you can easily follow.

Day 1: Hanoi Arrival

Welcome all of you to Vietnam. After landing at Noi Bai International Airport, you will be picked up by Snail Adventure travel guide to The Light hotel – a 4-star category located in the center of Hanoi’s Old Quarter.

Here, you will be covered by colonial architecture and historical sites such as Hoan Kiem Lake or Dong Xuan Market. After the hotel check-in, you will be free to rest or explore the surroundings at your leisure.

You can rearrange the itinerary with the tour guide and take a short cyclo ride to get the first impression of Vietnam. You may be touched by a deep vibe from the hidden charm of the ancient beauty of the capital.

In the evening you’ll have dinner at the elegant restaurant. You can choose Vietnamese or International meals as your preference.

Day 2: Hanoi – Hue Bike Tour

We will have breakfast in The Light hotel, then travel by bus to the Red River Delta and go to the cycling site. 

When everything is ready, you’ll get your ride on the road, along the Red River. The flower and fruit garden is the most prominent feature along the river. Countless flowers bloom all year round like amaratoide, or rose, and unique fruits such as guava, banana, or bonsai.

Keeping the bike trip through Bat Trang, Kim Lan Ceramic Village, and  Chu Dong Tu Temple – the place is worshiping one of four immortal Vietnamese spirits. At the end of your 55 km cycling journey, you will be taken back to your hotel to enjoy a peaceful dinner. The night train will take you back to Hue.

Day 3:  Hue City Riding Tours

Landing in Hue city at midday, you will be brought back to The Romance hotel by a travel guide for lunch and start your 54 km cycling journey to explore the dreamy Hue city.

You may be lost in the everlasting beauty of the historic royal structures along the Perfume River, especially the Imperial Citadel & royal tomb.

The massive construction of the Citadel will surprise you because it reproduces many golden traces of the past. The royal tomb is the resting place of the last kings of the Vietnamese dynasties. This ancient architecture is also covered by poetic and magnificent natural scenery.

After cycling back to the hotel, you will enjoy dinner and overnight here.

Day 4: Hue – Danang – Hoi An Bicycle Tour

The next day will begin with a hearty breakfast at The Romance hotel. You will make an 86 km cycling trip from Thanh Toan bridge of Hue to Hoi An Town.

You will pass through communal houses, people’s markets, and peaceful alleys, marking Vietnamese identity. Next, you will see Thuan An Beach in front of you. Stopping here for great chilled drinks is a perfect experience.

After that, you can have lunch at a nearby restaurant and take a 13 km trip through Hai Van pass. The breathtaking natural scenery will lead you to Da Nang city. 12km along the coast with beautiful beaches and luxury resorts will take you to Hoi An Town.

You will have dinner, cold beer, and a beautiful evening at Hoi An Riverside Resort to prepare for the next day’s excursion.

Day 5: Hoi An Back Road

Located in ancient architecture, Hoi An has an ancient beauty. The buildings and roads all bring a sense of peace and make people nostalgic.

Your Vietnam biking tour will extend from your hotel to the quiet streets of the old town. You can capture everyday moments or famous places like the Japanese covered roof bridge, Phung Hung House, or Communal houses. 

You will cycle through Cua Dai Beach and return to the resort, ending your 45 km journey on the 5th day.

Day 6: Hoi An – Quang Ngai Cycle Tour

This trip is the longest one, with 98 km cycling, starting at Cua Dai Bridge to Tam Ky. You will go through the high-class resort system and modern amenities.

The travel guide will bring lunch, and we will eat on the way. You’ll take a boat to Dung Quat and My Lai Massacre to continue your journey. You will see a video about a horrific incident when US troops killed more than 500 unarmed Vietnamese citizens in the village.

After that, you will cycle back to Thien An hotel, check-in, and have dinner at the restaurant.

Day 7: Quang Ngai – Quy Nhon Bike Tour

After breakfast at the hotel, you will be taken to Tam Quan Section (Binh Dinh). You will cycle through the majestic architecture and fishing farm with honest, simple-hearted people in Binh Dinh.

In addition, you will have a Vietnam mountain bike tour here. The majestic natural scenery, pristine mountain ranges will immerse you in this fresh space.

This trip will last 87 km, and you will have lunch on the way. After lunch, we will cycle through the peaceful countryside roads, watching the farmers working in the fields and listening to the birdsong.

You will end your 7th day Vietnam cycling trip at the Royal Hotel in Quy Nhon. The Resort here will help you relax after a long cycling trip.

Day 8: Quy Nhon – Tuy Hoa Cycling Tour

You will continue the Vietnam beach biking tour with endless zigzag roads from the National way No1 to Xuan Canh highway. You’ll pass by beaches that stretch to the horizon carrying a dazzling emerald green.

You will probably have to stop to capture the peaceful scenery of the coastal fishing villages before crossing the wooden bridge to the Xuan Canh highway.

After having lunch with everyone, the guide will take you to Tuy Hoa city. Known as a city with winding roads, you will be cycled on routes winding into butter, past beautiful islands and beaches.

You will rest, have dinner, and stay overnight at Cendeluxe Hotel, ending the trip 85 Km of the day.

Day 9: Tuy Hoa – Nha Trang Cycle Trip

Another 85 km cycling tour of Vietnam is from Tuy Hoa to Nha Trang. Tuy Hoa beach is famous for its white sand beaches lying on the side of the blue sea in the midst of the bright yellow sun.

It will lead you to country roads and small passes to the pretty Vung Ro bay. This bay will marvel at you not only because of its romantic beauty but also for being a historical relic.

After lunch, you will be taken to Nha Trang city and check in at The Light Hotel. Seafood dinner with shimmering lights will be included on this 9th day of Vietnam on bike tour.

Day 10: Nha Trang – Phan Rang Biking Trip

After breakfast at The Light Hotel, you will have a bike ride to Cam Ranh town. You can experience first-hand the amazing Vietnamese coastlines and unspoiled natural scenery on your way.

Cam Ranh is known as the best-kept beachside with its quaint, cool, quiet, and hidden charm. Capturing the beautiful views here in the clear morning is a great idea.

After lunch, we will get to Ninh Chu Beach and stop at Ca Na Beach Resort. The 82km bike ride will end with dinner at this Resort.

Day 11: Phan Rang – Phan Thiet Bicycle Trip

We’ll get breakfast at Ca Na Beach Resort. You will cycle through windy roads with little traffic and have a chance to enjoy the peaceful scenery before reaching the golden sand desert.

This sand dune attracts many tourists because it can change shape. Wind or sand will blow away each layer of sand on the surface with the wind, creating different shapes.

You can stop for a taste of local fruits before heading to The Sailing Bay Resort, swimming, and ending the 11th-day cycle trip with dinner at the Resort.

Day 12: Phan Thiet – Binh Chau Cycling Trip

On the 12th day, you can get up early to catch the sunrise on Doi Hong. After enjoying breakfast at the Resort, we will enter the city center of Phan Thiet.

Along the coast, you will find resorts and fish sauce processing facilities – a specialty of Phan Thiet. In addition, you can admire the long sandy beaches sparkling with pearl color, stretching under the sun.

Next, you will go to Ke Ga and end the 76Km trip at Binh Chau Hot Spring Water Resort.

Day 13: Binh Chau – Vung Tau Biking Tour

Binh Chau is a land of unspoiled nature, with villages and markets imbued with Vietnamese folklore. You can start walking around this area at dawn, capturing the beauty of nature and people here.

After lunch, we will cycle through Long Hai beach (Vung Tau city). With a length of about 3km running along the cool blue poplar row, Long Hai beach has a charming landscape and attracts tourists with its smooth golden sand.

We will have a farewell dinner at Seaside Resort, ending the last 86 Km biking tour in Vietnam.

Day 14 – 15: Vung Tau – Ho Chi Minh – Departure

On the 14th day, you will come to Ho Chi Minh city after having breakfast at the hotel. You will be free to stay at The Northern Hotel in Sai Gon or continue your trip to the Mekong delta.

On the last day of the bike tour Vietnam, you will be rested until departure, ending the 15-day bike tour in Vietnam.


Overall, the Vietnam beach cycling will be your once-in-a-lifetime experience. You will discover the vibrant natural landscapes of each region and cycle on windy roads and beautiful sandy beaches along the coast.

Hotel services, resorts, meals, and necessary tools for cycling Vietnam are also fully provided. We hope we have provided you with a complete and detailed itinerary of the Vietnam beach cycle tour. Start this journey right now with your family and friends!

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