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Vietnam Beach Cycling Tour – Ensure Your Pure Biking Fun

It will be remiss if you do not know the itinerary of this Vietnam beach cycling tour. Beautiful routes with few tourists, breathtaking views, and special attractions make this bike journey a hit with any cyclist! You will surely feel satisfied because we found each other.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

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Vietnam Beach Cycling Tour

Vietnam Beach Cycling Tour – Ensure Your Pure Biking Fun

Preview Of The Tour

17 days – 17 locations. You can admire the most beautiful beaches from North to South of Vietnam!


Hà Nội – Mai Châu – Thanh Hóa (Pu Luong) – Ninh Binh (Cúc Phương) – Ninh Binh (Tam Coc)- HueCity, Mountain pass – Hai Van Pass – Đà Nẵng (Best voted city to live) – Quang Ngai – Bình Định (Quy Nhon) – Tuy Hoa – Nha Trang – (Ninh Thuan) Ninh Chu – Bình Thuận (Mui Ne) – (Vũng Tàu) Binh Chau – Sai Gon.


17 days


Hotels + Homestay

Day 1: Hanoi, Vietnam Welcomes You

Hello from Ha Noi. Welcome to the S-shaped land. Our Vietnam cycling tour team will pick you up at the airport. 

You will have hours to refresh yourself and adapt to the Vietnamese atmosphere. Then, we will take you to get acquainted with the Vietnamese commute style. You can check your bike too. If things happen according to plan, you will have the afternoon and night to discover the capital of Vietnam. 

A cyclo trip may be interesting for you to try. Let’s spend time eating some of the Hanoian special dishes to feel the North taste. Remember the flavor because, after 17 days, you can have the Vietnamese food taste map! It is super exciting.

Day 2: From Hanoi To Mai Chau

Distance: 75 Km

Let’s start our second day of the cycling tour in Vietnam

We warm up the body and bike to Luong Son. On your way, extending sugarcane farms, glamorous mountain ranges, and stunning rice paddies caught your eye. 

Even if you cycle on an undulating cement route, it does not affect your mood. To enjoy most of the atmosphere and scenery, we will eat lunch on the road. 

Then we snake along Song Da bank, passing Thung Khe. The villages of the Thai and Muong ethnic groups hide behind the foliage along the way. Occasionally, you will meet school children coming home from school waving friendly. That’s when you feel you have left the city very far.

We will come to our destination in the afternoon. You can spend some time freshening up before mingling in the delicious local dinner and good Thai music later on.

Day 3: From Mai Chau To Pu Luong Retreat

Distance: 65 Km

Pu Luong, Thanh Hoa is a refreshing escape destination. That is why the place becomes an inevitable choice that any cyclists expect to have in any cycle tours vietnam.

But, first, in the morning, let’s schedule your time to discover Mai Chau. The bike path is not too difficult. You can go from village to village easily. 

Even if you get lost, you can effortlessly find your way out. The vast green rice fields and subtle fresh fragrances will relax you. In Mai Chau, the villages of the Muong or Thai people have existed for hundreds of years. Try to close your eyes and enjoy the atmosphere here. You will understand why they can live here for so long!

In the afternoon, we will continue biking to Thanh Hoa, visit the Nature Reserve limestone mountains, stay at the retreat, and spend the night there.

Day 4 : From Phu Luong To Cuc Phuong

Distance: 130 Km

Our vietnam biking tour continues by riding straight to Pho Doan to enjoy some local food here in the morning. 

After that, we will move to Cam Luong. Some colorful local markets may pique your interests and make you want to discover more or take some pictures. However, don’t stay too long. We should keep up with our planned journey to reach Ho Chi Minh road around the afternoon. 

When your stomach is full from lunch meals, and you have enough time to rest, we start down the road on undulating paths and some single tracks to come to Cuc Phuong. Rice paddies are everywhere. 

Occasionally, some green cassava farms or mouth-watering sugarcane fields flash along your way. In the late afternoon, you set your foot on Ninh Binh, Cuc Phuong.

Day 5: From Cuc Phuong To Hue

Distance: 56 Km

The schedule of today’s cycle tour is to explore Cuc Phuong national forest and move to Hue. 

These are two prominent places in the North and Central of the S-shaped land. You can feel the sweet difference between the voice, the atmosphere, and the food. 

In the first half, you will spend time exploring the national park. Cycling in the forest is both mysterious and exciting. The air is extremely cool if you go on summer days.

Next, you will continue to move on the cement roads to discover other wonderful places of Ninh Binh, such as Tam Coc and Thung Nham. 

If we have enough time, we will have a small picnic in Tam Coc Bich Dong. This is a great area to stop and enjoy the beautiful river, water, mountains, and peace of the land!

After dinner, you will take the train to the dreamy Hue of Vietnam.

Day 6: Dreamy Hue

Distance: 54 Km

After breakfast, you will kick off our 5th-day biking tour by pedaling leisurely to tour Hue City and other must-visit places. 

Hue is one of Vietnam’s major cultural, religious, and education hubs. Hue’s sweet voice will melt the heart of anyone who hears it! 

Even the name of the river has a hint of romance! Perfume River – Perfume River. Along the banks of the Perfume (Hương) River, you will have the opportunity to enjoy historical and eye-catching attractions. 

No architect interested in learning about Vietnam’s historical architecture could overlook the remnants of Hue’s palace. Hue’s architecture is a mixture of modern, traditional, folk, regal, and religious styles.

You will have the best time here at the UNESCO heritage site. Once you’re done exploring, a sumptuous hotel dinner awaits you. Rest by the peaceful Perfume river and have a good night’s sleep!

Day 7: From Hue To Hoi An

Distance: 156 Km

Don’t wake up too late. One of the best Vietnam bike tours itinerary is waiting for your presence. 

You start by biking to Thanh Toan bridge. In just a short time, you will see the transformation of life between the city and the countryside. Take some time to snap pictures of the amazing bridge when you come there.

Our bicycle excursions go on as we pass through tranquil towns and reach Thuan An (Hue) Beach. Some tropical fruits and cold water here will energize you at once.

After lunch, we will go to the nature wall – the Hai Van Pass. Start the 13 km lengthy climb up to the peak. You will be rewarded along the journey with stunning views, clouds, and the ocean. 

You can see Lang Co and Da Nang at the peak in beautiful visuals. Then you bike down 12km to Da Nang and Hoi An. 

Day 8: Ancient Town Hoi An 

Distance: 45 Km

We will never say the cycle trip is pure fun if it does not include Hoi An Ancient town. 

Hoi An, a Vietnamese world heritage site, has long been a crossroads for cultures. The architecture, as well as the street layout of this unique cultural monument, exhibit a blend of local and international influences. 

Cycling offers you an exciting challenge in both historical cities and remote countryside. Don’t forget to spend a few minutes photographing the Japanese bridge and the communal homes. You will cycle further to Thanh Ha, Tra Que, and then back to the ancient town for lunch. 

You have your own day of self-discovery for the rest of the day. In Hoi An, you can not take up everything in one sip of tea; you take it slowly and get the true taste.

Day 9: From Hoi An To Quang Ngai

Distance: 132 Km

You will start the 9th day of cycling by taking a boat trip to Quang Nam, Duy Nghia. 

Then, we cycle to the capital city – Tam Kỳ. The beautiful, peaceful scenery of the coastal area makes you want to slow down to enjoy the smell of the sea. You will stop at a roadside restaurant to enjoy the fresh taste of seafood here. After your stomach is full, we will continue cycling, using the boat to Dung Quat and then the Pinkville massacre.

This is a historical site where you will probably learn much about America and Vietnam. After the tour, you will return to your hotel. You can relax or visit the local areas to learn more about the people!

Day 10: From Quang Ngai To Quy Nhon

Distance: 117 Km

This itinerary is the most full and wonderful bike tours that you have ever known because, on the last half of the trip, you will see with your naked eyes all the Vietnamese beach beauty! On the 10th day, when we get to the riding location, we start riding down the coast amid gorgeous surroundings.

We continue our exploring of the surrounding lagoons, fishing farms, and majestic villages. Don’t forget to show your photography skills in the clean, unspoiled environment and amazing mountainside. 

Amidst the wonderful scenery, we stop at a seaside restaurant for lunch. After getting back all your energy, we will continue traveling on an asphalt road past little towns. In the late afternoon, Quy Nhon will greet you! You will stay at a resort beside the beach for a night.

Day 11: From Quy Nhon To Tuy Hoa

Distance: 99 Km

Get up early and have a sumptuous breakfast. Let’s continue our biking vietnam trip. 

On the 11th day, we will head up to National Route 1 to get away from the city vibe and bring the beach to our side by snaking along the coastline road. Today’s features are crystal-clear, untouched nature, and the turquoise sea.

Your next route will be Xuan Hoa, Xuan Canh, Phu Yen (Song Cau), and Tuy Hoa. You will have lunch on the road. 

When we are at Tuy Hoa, enjoy a cold beer to relax all your muscles. If you like swimming, some swimming pools are ready for you. Today you can spend the night at a nearby beach hotel. It is gonna be a memorable night.

Day 12: From Tuy Hoa To Nha Trang

Distance: 142 Km

You keep up with our vietnam cycling by riding from the accommodation to the capital city of Phu Yen after riding over the bridge. We snake along the countryside road, and before reaching Vung Ro, we can experience the intriguing seaview and gorgeous lagoons and conquer various passes.

Our lunch today is at Dai Lanh. After our meal, we will resume biking along the coastline to reach the coastal resort city – Nha Trang of Khánh Hòa.

When you go to the hotel, unwind & check-in. We will dine with grilled seafood at a local restaurant. A night in Nha Trang will make you fall in love with the coastal city that attracts more than 600,000 visitors every year!

Day 13: From Nha Trang To Phan Rang

Distance: 107 Km

After breakfast at the hotel, we start to transfer for more than one hour towards Cam Ranh, taking in the breath-blowing beauty and untainted environment. 

When we get to the cycling area, we start riding on the paved road that leads to Ninh Thuan, Ninh Chu beach. Then you can enjoy the stunning landscape and green sea on a crystal-clear beach while cycling along one of Vietnam’s greatest routes.

On the 13th day, we also have lunch on the road because the scenery is too brilliant to stay away from. We keep biking till we reach Ninh Chu Beach. A beautiful resort and delectable dinner await your presence.

Day 14: From Phan Rang To Phan Thiet

Distance: 85 Km

A wonderful riding day is in store for us to explore. 

After a substantial morning meal in our accommodation, we depart for the southeast & travel gently on a newly paved road. This road is not noisy. Therefore, you can ride leisurely. You also have a chance to meet several friendly people.

On the way to Phan Thiet, we go across the beautiful sandy desert and take in the beautiful scenery and the unspoiled sandy beach.

More interestingly, you can meet and converse with locals or sample some fruits from the area while traveling. If we get there early, we can go swimming and enjoy the Phan Thiet flavor.

A delicious meal on Phan Thiet is a remarkable memory for all of us.

Day 15: From Phan Thiet To Binh Chau

Distance: 76 Km

Enjoy great days at the beach by getting up early to watch the sunrise. 

When cycling through these peaceful and poetic seas, we believe watching the sunset and sunrise will make you feel extremely relaxed. Or if you want to see the endless sand desert, you can go to the Doi Hong area.

We will ride along the beach coast to start exploring more Phan Thiet city and some famous fish sauce production areas.

In the afternoon, you can have a chance to enjoy riding 35 kilometers on a beautiful path that leads to Ke Ga, then continue cycling the final 48 kilometers to a village named Binh Chau. There is a super beautiful resort here. You can say goodbye to all the soreness of long riding by going to the hot spring and resting there. Good food and good beverages await you!

Day 16: From Binh Chau To Vung Tau

Distance: 86 Km

Don’t sleep in. Your last day to wake up on the beach is not forever. Take a moment and enjoy the most. We always recommend to our company that you should capture as much as you can because we all will miss these dreamy days.

After a nutritious breakfast, we begin a brand-new, lovely day by biking down the shore and talking to local people. You may have an opportunity to hear some interesting stories from fishermen. Then, some luxury resorts may intrigue you. 

Don’t miss it because we believe you’d love to come back here at least one more time when you get home. So, why don’t you take the chance to dig down to the real resorts?

In the afternoon, you continue riding down the coast and come to Vung Tau. Because the 16th is also one of the last days, please join our staff and supporters for a goodbye meal at a nearby restaurant. We will have a fun night together.

Day 17: From Vung Tau To Sai Gon

Distance: Up to you.

The 17th day is all about your freedom. Your schedule is up to you only, but remember your trip to Sai Gon. 

You may want to check out some amazing itineraries to the Mekong River Delta. It is also worth a visit. These places are not far. So, if your condition is allowed, don’t hesitate to continue discovering.

Otherwise, Hanoi is a good pick! You should spend more time in the Vietnamese capital to enjoy Pho or Nem. A day to traverse West Lake is wonderful too.


The 17-day Vietnam Beach Cycling Tour has ended. We hope the article has given you useful suggestions when choosing to cycle to explore the beaches of Vietnam. 

We also have other good cycling itinerary suggestions for the North and Central regions. Don’t hesitate to click a few more to see our related articles. 

Wishing you a safe journey!

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