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4 + energy for the body suggested by Vietnam Bike Tour Operators

Meta: Vietnam Bike Tour Operators will be the unit that provides and ensures energy for you during the trip.

Vietnam Bike Tour Operators

Life today is very modern, a short vacation like a weekend, carrying luggage on your back,selecting a Vietnam bike tour at Vietnam Bike Tour Operators is surely not a bad choice. This type of self-sufficient traveler is known as a “backpacker”.

Bicycle travel experience

Called “backpackers”, our backpacks are considered extremely important items. Self-sufficient travel is often long, so our backpacks should not be too heavy, usually about 10 kg is medium. In addition to the basic necessities, clothes and food for self-sufficient travel is also a matter of concern, there is a proverb that says “reality can only be achieved with realism”. If you don’t eat, you still have the mind to enjoy the scenery and have fun, just need a simple and easy-to-carry food that can supplement enough nutrients for the body when cycling. Here, I will introduce to you four suitable foods for you to choose from, plus I also find vendors who can provide you with quality foods, help you to enjoy the discount when buying. You just need to bring four types of food to replenish energy for the body in the following cycling journey, the problem of eating can be completely solved.

Vietnam Bike Tour Operators

Food Type #1:Dry food

Features:Convenient to carry

Dried food does not taste very good but it can help us feel full very quickly. If you do not have the need for food to be too fussy and expensive when traveling on your own, dry food is an indispensable food in the journey. Or you like the soft taste of dumplings, but this type of food does not last for a long time and takes up a lot of space. If you travel for a day, this food can still be used, but if you go for three days, the amount of dumplings that will last you for three days will already fill your backpack. Dry food is the most affordable option. Water and fruit are not necessary to bring because their volume and weight will make you feel tired. The water in the mountains is usually very clean, if you feel insecure, you can bring a little disinfectant to use when needed.


Food Type #2:Chocolate

Features:Additional heat

For a lot of people, self-sufficient travel is an activity that consumes a lot of the body’s energy, such as climbing mountains, setting up tents, traveling around, these activities all cause the body to consume a lot of nutrients. that the body has absorbed. Then the chocolate bars in your backpack will be of great help to you. Chocolate is a fast food, it not only has the ability to provide energy for daily meals but also provides a lot of minerals and nutrients that the body needs. According to information shared from experts on chocolate, before we climb the mountain we should eat a chocolate bar, it can help your muscles and liver in a state of being fully supplied with glycogen.


After mountain biking, you eat an extra chocolate bar to help your body replenish the amount of glycogen that the body has just consumed, helping the body recover quickly. A 50g chocolate bar can provide 200 kcal of energy, equivalent to the amount of energy that 1.67 ounces (84 g) of food provides the body. It seems that when you go out, bring a few chocolate bars. la is the perfect choice.

Food Type #3:Dried Beef


On the way you have eaten a lot of sweets such as dry food, chocolate, if then your companion takes out a big bag of beef jerky is a very happy thing. Choose beef carefully, add salt, Add spices and seasonings, then set fire to dry. The spicy taste of chili, the five flavors, etc. different flavors make a person who likes to eat meat find boundless happiness when enjoying the fragrant dried beef. Beef jerky is a very delicious snack, no matter what your taste, every time you try to eat a little, you will feel the toughness and deliciousness of beef.


In addition, beef jerky has many varieties, most of which are very dry in appearance. When marinated, spices are absorbed into each strand of meat, for example, Hunan’s spicy dried beef product, chili soaked shoes on the surface of the meat. Spicy beef dish is loved by many young people. Beef jerky is dry but not hard, wet but not soft, bright red color is a very convenient food.

Food Type #4:Protein Powder

Features:Improve the body’s resistance

When going out, the thing we fear the most is a headache, which not only makes us unable to travel happily but also causes a lot of trouble. Here, I will introduce to you a food that helps the body to increase resistance, which is protein powder. Do not underestimate it, choosing to buy it is not an easy thing.



Each Vietnam Bike Tour Operators will provide you with several mental and physical benefits, as well as the opportunity to increase your knowledge and travel to new places. What could be better if you enjoy green life, green travel, and conquering Vietnam by bicycle? Remember to bring food as I guide above. Contact us at a website www.mbtvietnam.com, gmail: alan@mtbvietnam.com or hotline (+84)985333066 for advice on trips. We are very pleased to serve you in Vietnam.

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