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Vietnam Bike Tours Tripadvisor

Meta: Vietnam Bike Tours Tripadvisor can help you find a company that offers bike trips and rentals in Vietnam. Please read the following page to understand more about our firm.

Vietnam Bike Tours Tripadvisor

In Vietnam, cycling tours are readily accessible. However, you must properly study the characteristics of firms that offer reputable and high-quality trips in order to ensure your safety and enjoyment. This article will help you learn more about Vietnam Bike Tours Tripadvisor.

What is Tripadvisor, exactly?

Tripadvisor is the largest travel website in the world. On the website, visitors can easily analyze, comment on, and schedule journeys.

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With over 60 million monthly visits, 44 million market members, and over 100 million reviews from genuine travelers, TripAdvisor is considered the world’s greatest travel community. The website has been used by a number of countries, with more than 30 countries around the world using it.

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Mountain Bike Tours In Vietnam

Bike trips in Vietnam Tripadvisor will have real reviews of motorbike tours in Vietnam, including their impressions of the scenery, the quality of the trip, and the food and lodging provided by the tour.

Let’s look at the reviews on Tripadvisor to see how good our excursions are.

Some reviews and feedbacks on Tripadvisor

Amy T submitted a review. May 2020

“This tour must be booked! 

This was the most enjoyable aspect of my trip to Vietnam! From beginning to end, everything went smoothly. Our tour guide Phuc arrived a few minutes early at our hostel, but was more than glad to wait until we finished our breakfast. Throughout, he was pleasant and polite, and his English was outstanding. We were taken through breathtaking scenery and met several beautiful local farmers who appeared delighted to meet us rather than suspicious of our presence. Phuc made sure he kept up with our pace and made sure we had plenty of water and food. Although the price may appear exorbitant for Vietnam, we guarantee you that it is definitely worth it. My boyfriend and I went on the tour by ourselves, which made it a little more expensive, but I’m sure it’s fine with the rest of the group. We’re not professional cyclists; we just like to saunter around on vacation, and the pace and weather were ideal. We thought the heat would be too much, but it’s really cooler than walking around in the heat since you have the breeze blowing past you the entire time. Phuc gave us a lot of information about what we were seeing, but he also let us appreciate the view for a long time.”

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Glenluscombe left a comment March 2022

“First and foremost, our guide was fantastic; he was well knowledgeable about the area and bike repairs. This will direct you to the bicycles. They were worn down to nothing and needed new tires. On our excursion, we had three different flat tires. Our expedition resulted in one damaged chain and one broken derailleur cable. With the exception of the brick structure in Cat Tein National Park, the majority of the hotels were excellent. Upgrade is required. A few bugs, old buildings. Also, avoid the safari since you will be disappointed. The scenery was breathtaking. The boat excursion at the end was also fantastic. With better bikes and one better hotel, it would have been a four to five star experience.”

Vietnam Bicycle

MimiYorkshire left a comment in March 2020

“Excellent customer care 

It turned out that we were the only ones there, which was fantastic, and Quang, our fantastic guide, then adjusted the original plan to meet our requirements. Quang was always trying to discover things for us to do, see, and eat that he knew we would enjoy, and he was always willing to help and develop solutions to our bike problems. We had some fantastic Vietnam experiences with him, and we will be eternally grateful for his energy and friendliness. I can’t think of a better tour guide. The only negative aspect of the service was that we had to pay extra to rent ebikes. We are tall Europeans, and the bikes given were too small in frame for us. We couldn’t get the saddles far enough back, so we had to sit off the saddle, which was awkward and painful. Furthermore, when we had a brake problem, the mechanical support took a long time to reach us and resolve the issue, requiring us to reschedule our entire day’s cycling. We also had to reduce our pace and shorten the distances between rechargings due to a problem with one battery that leaked charge.“

Biking In Vietnam


It is critical to remember the items given above by Vietnam Bike Tours Tripadvisor. You might think about working with us. Remember to bring food as I guide above. Contact us at a website www.mbtvietnam.com, gmail: alan@mtbvietnam.com or hotline (+84)985333066 for advice on trips. We are very pleased to serve you in Vietnam.

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