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Vietnam Bike Trip & 5 Advices You Need To Keep In Mind

Meta: Vietnam bike trip is not only an interesting experience but also a challenge if you want to conquer it you should know the following.

Vietnam bike trip

Are you bored with the journey by car, motorbike, passenger car,…? Are you looking to experience something new? Or do you simply want to improve your health? Then cycling is the right choice for you. It sounds quite new, but this practice is very common in those Western countries. Let Vietnam bike trip help you exercise and explore the beautiful country of Vietnam.

Determine the route Vietnam bike trip


– You need to determine how much of your trip you want to go, and choose reasonable stops to avoid being exhausted if the distance is too long or time consuming for unnecessary stops.

Mark on GPS

– Know where you need to be. Mark them on your map and star them on GPS.

Biking In Vietnam

Necessary items Vietnam bike trip

Clothing suitable for the weather

You will need to consider the weather conditions of the places you are going and bring appropriate clothing. Because unlike a car, when traveling by bicycle, the weather will directly affect the quality of your trip and your health.


In the unlikely event that it happens, carrying rain gear will help keep you from getting stuck and a hat will help keep your vision clear.


It goes without saying, but whether you’re renting or bringing your own bike, make sure you have a powerful light and battery or a USB port for charging.


A well-charged cyclist is a smart cyclist; Make sure to have the right adapter for where you’re going — and bring a real map of your destination just in case.


You will have to set your spending budget and be prepared for unexpected events when traveling by bike.

But try not to pack too much, choose what is really necessary and appropriate.

Vietnam bike tour price

Know how to repair and make minor adjustments to your bike

Spare tire/bike pump and know how to change it

Avoid situations where you have to “walk” when the wheel is affected with the terrain of the tourist area.

Know where the bike shop is.

Mark them on your map and start them on GPS.

Just beware!

Biking in Vietnam

Food and drink

Since cycling is an effective method of burning calories, and when you travel by bike, it will be a long way to expend energy, it is advisable to prepare enough food along the way and drink to replenish Consuming energy is really needed. Avoid getting hungry / thirsty during cycling, because it will make it difficult and affect your health.

Cyclists will likely store up to 80,000 calories as body fat. However, you only have 1,200 – 2,000 calories in the form of carbohydrates. Because of this big difference, the goal is for the body to use more fat and retain carbohydrates until you really need them.

The answer to the main problem is to improve metabolic efficiency to use more fat for energy. Besides, an efficient metabolism brings many benefits such as reducing the risk of certain diseases, losing weight, reducing body fat, sleeping better and recovering from exercise faster.


Vietnam bike trip

The great thing is that we don’t need to add any supplements. These substances are all in your daily food. Remember the protein + fat + fiber equation. Because this is how you will improve your daily nutrition.

Doing this every day is easier than you think. Because it is not a diet.

It’s as simple as choosing foods that contain protein, fat, and fiber in most meals and snacks. If you can do this 90% of the time, you’ll be off to a great start that will get you on your way to a healthy diet in no time.

Safety first

The most important aspect of cycling is making sure you stay as safe as possible.

– Check your helmet before leaving:

Firstly, the hat must have 03 parts: the hat shell; shock-absorbing padding inside the helmet shell (protective padding) and strap.

Second, there is a style that meets the requirements:

– Design in one of the following categories:

+ Half-head hat: A structured hat that protects the upper head of the person wearing the hat;

+ Hats that cover both the head and ears: The hat has a structure that protects the upper part of the head, the occipital area and the ear area of ​​the person wearing the hat;

+ Hats that cover the head, ears and jaws: The hat has a structure that protects the upper part of the head, the occipital area, the ear area and the chin of the person wearing the hat;

Note: Hats may or may not have visors.


– If there is a soft cap attached to the shell or a removable cap

+ The length of the cap from the point of connection with the cap shell to the farthest point of the cap is ≤ 70mm;

+ The angle of inclination of the blade must not affect the viewing angle.

– If there is a hard cap attached to the shell, The length of the hard cap from the point of connection with the shell to the furthest point of the cap ≤ 50mm;

+ The angle of inclination of the blade must not affect the viewing angle.

– If there is a hard rim around it, it should not protrude more than 20mm.

– Test your bike once to see that all bolts are tight, your brakes are working correctly, and your bike shifts smoothly. (If cycling at night, install lights on your helmet and/or bike to let drivers and other cyclists know where you are.)

– Review the planned route (route, traffic, weather, …)

– Follow the rules of the road to not put yourself in a bad position.

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Each Vietnam bike trip will bring you many positive benefits in mind and body, expand knowledge, discover new lands. What is more wonderful if you are a lover of green living, green travel and conquering Vietnam with a bicycle?. Contact us at a website www.mbtvietnam.com, gmail: alan@mtbvietnam.com or hotline (+84)985333066 for advice on trips. We are very pleased to serve you in Vietnam.

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