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Vietnam Coastline Cycling – Enjoy a Beautiful View in 11 Days!

Vietnam coastline cycling trips bring about millions of wonders for both foreigners and Vietnamese locals alike! In less than two weeks, you will have the golden chance to grace beautiful cities, witness diverse cultural practices, and get your hands on rare historical knowledge! Even better, there’s no need to pack much – just your bike, a few safety gears and some clothes can do!

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Vietnam Coastline Cycling

Our guidelines will dive further into these bike tours Vietnam, introducing well-recognized regions and areas that you simply cannot skip. Let’s get started!

Vietnam Coastline Cycling in A 11-Day Biking Tour

Day 1: Hanoi Arrival

Remember to arrive in Hanoi on time before the trip starts! For those enrolling in commercial biking tours, accommodations, food, and other necessities are likely already well taken care of. You don’t have to spend much time worrying about them!

On the other hand, self-planned Vietnam cycling tours will require more attention to these issues. Ask yourself beforehand which hotel you will stay in – and how much budget is available for daily meals.

If your financial situations are quite generous, feel free to enjoy the hotel’s customer service, such as massages, spas, and more. They will give your body and mind terrific treats, readying you for the long journey ahead! 

Day 2: Hanoi to Hue Cycling Tour

Hanoi to Hue sounds like such an exhausting trip; however, taking the back road will propel you towards your destination faster than you think! During the cycling tours, you can enjoy beautiful forests, serene rivers, and warm batches of sunlight on the way. 

(We suggest you set off in summers rather than winters; after all, these wide-open routes tend to suffer from harsher weather at the end of the year!)

Hue presents thousands of tourism alternatives for you to choose from. Some like taking casual walks next to the Huong River, while others love to visit Tu Hieu or Thien Mu Pagoda. Feel free to explore this  UNESCO-recognized city to your heart’s content!

Day 3: Hue to Lang Co Beach Bike Tour

A lovely stop between Hue and Hoi An, Lang Co Beach surprisingly doesn’t enjoy many visitors during the year. But that’s what makes it charming, allowing travelers to enjoy quiet, peaceful mornings on the sand without disturbance!

We are also glad to inform you that Lang Co Beach has been internationally recognized as one of the most beautiful coastal landscapes – while offering a nice balance of cool and warm weather. Just one day lounging here will give you a taste of how heaven on earth feels like!

Day 4: Lang Co to Hoi An Bicycle Trip 

As previously mentioned, Lang Co falls in between two stops of this bike tour – Hue and Hoi An. Hence, it’s natural that the latter is our next destination in these Vietnam mountain bike tours! 

Park your bike nearby and immerse yourself in Old Town (Pho Co) ‘s bright and peaceful atmosphere. Here, you can take gorgeous, artistic photos of its unique building complexes, buy local handicrafts, and even join street workshops to learn recipes for spring rolls and Pho noodles! 

Hoi An is also famous for its clothing customization stores – where customers are allowed to order personalized suits and robes. Purchase one for your beloved at home! 

Day 5: Hoi An to Quang Ngai Cycling Tour

Many have lauded Quang Ngai for its Ly Son Island – where numerous ancient and historical pagodas reside. 

History lovers must not miss out on insightful and info-ridden trips into To Vo Gate and Hang Pagoda. The local, English-fluent tour guides will offer you interesting tidbits about their backstory and origins!

Cau Cave and Mu Cu Islands are also highly recommended – thanks to their spectacular stones and rock remnants hardly found elsewhere. Let’s wow your astonished friends with beautiful photos and clips taken in these mountain bike tours Vietnam!

Day 6: Quang Ngai to Quy Nhon Biking Tour

How can you drop by Quy Nhon and not visit Hon Kho Islands? Outrageous!

Hon Kho delivers a wonderful mixture of sandy dunes, coral reefs, and turquoise water, which is pretty shallow and only rises 1 to 2 km from water levels. Most seasoned cyclers like to rent goggles/ jackets from their tour providers and roam this mysterious aquatic realm under the waves!

Other equally exciting activities to consider include kayak boating and jet-skiing. Lovers can also enjoy romantic walks on a special road in the middle of the beach – which only shows up once the tide dies down! 

Day 7: Quy Nhon to Tuy Hoa Bike Tour

Tuy Hoa might not be a common name drop whenever someone mentions Vietnam biking tours. Yet, most cyclers are greeted with pleasant surprises once they arrive here! 

Dai Lan Lighthouses are among the top destinations on our list,  located in a sunlight-bathing area that enjoys full views of the rising sun. Let’s wake up at 4 a.m, climb the rooftop, and marvel at how the sky turns blindingly orange as the sun comes up!

Historical-wise, there are still some nice options. For instance, you may visit Mang Lang Church – one of the oldest churches ever recorded in Vietnam – or step into Nhan Tower, the last surviving evidence of Cham Architecture.

Day 8: Tuy Hoa to Nha Trang Bicycle Trip

The Nha Trang Beach is so famous already that we probably don’t need a second introductory word about it. But not many tourists know that this city is also quite famous for its grandeur waterfalls, such as Fairy Spring and Ba Ho! 

Ba Ho covers three cataracts, located one hour outside Nha Trang. Their cliff-jumping services are totally worth the journey! On the other hand, Fairy Spring – true to its name – delivers a large spring for keen swimmers at the waterfall’s base. Who says only Nha Trang Beach can quell your thirst?

Day 9: Nha Trang to Da Lat Cycling Tour

Who can resist the beauty of Tuyen Lam Lake at Phoenix Mountains in Da Lat? No one! 

It’s a perfect place for people wishing to immerse themselves in nature, as everything here is unspoiled and untouched. Surrounded by beautiful streams and pine forests, this freshwater body paves the way for many fantastic activities. Boat riding is favored by many visitors, followed closely by lakeshore hiking and horseback riding! 

Even better, biking Vietnam travelers can also drop by Truc Lam Temple – which oversees the lake – or enjoy Zen Buddhist Temples’ peaceful atmosphere!

Day 10: Da Lat to Da Nang Biking Trip

Despite their late arrival, Golden Bridge Hands in Da Nang have successfully earned their well-deserved popularity among both Vietnamese and international tourists – to the point that China has even crafted its own version inspired by them! 

The simple design constitutes two huge stone hands that look like they are embracing a golden strand. With such a unique design, the bridge offers wide-open access to Truong Son rolling mountains and beautiful sceneries below. At the height of 4500 feet above the sea, your excitement and thrill will reach new heights!

Day 11: Da Nang to Hanoi Bike Trip

Congratulations; you have experienced all the most beautiful offerings of Vietnam’s coastal landscapes! The route back to Hanoi will be pretty fast – since there’s no need to stop anywhere in the middle of the road. 

Still, how you enjoy your cycle trip back is totally up to you. Feel free to drop by another city or destination any time you want!


Our article has explored all the amazing spots for your Vietnam coastline cycling Vietnam tours.

Of course, the cycle tour is all yours, so you can extract or add up places to your heart’s content! Customize our given map until you feel pleased with the result. Jump onto the road right now, and feel free to reach out if certain aspects about these Vietnam bike tours still trouble you!

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