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Vietnam Cycle Tours: Must-Know Experiences

Meta: Vietnam Cycle Tours Vietnam Cycle Tours is regarded as one of the most worthwhile tours for individuals interested in experiencing nature after Covid19 pandemic.


Have you ever considered doing a bicycle tour? What’s to stop you? Bicycling all of the roads will provide you with a wealth of intriguing and unforgettable experiences. Of course, you must first prepare yourself with travel experiences for these Vietnam Cycle Tours.

1. Selecting a Bicycle

The purpose of a mountain bike is to go down steep, rocky mountain routes filled with boulders and jagged pits. When you drive this vehicle, you won’t have to worry about flat tires or terrible roads. You will not be afraid to run on gravel roads. However, due to the bike’s weight, the wheels are a bit large, requiring the user to exert considerable effort.

Vietnam Cycle Tours

Because this is not a speed bike, the time spent on the road will be somewhat extended. Your automobile must have a braze-on if you are doing a self-loading tour across Vietnam (a part that installs a saddle used for transporting luggage…). To avoid sand spraying in the face while riding in the rain, extra fenders for the front and rear wheels should be installed. You should use wheels with 36 or more spokes to avoid frequent spoke breaks.

Road bike: Using this type of bike gives you the benefit of speed, but you can’t go too fast on rough or rocky roads. Because racing bicycle tires and inner tubes are so thin, they are easily destroyed when they come into contact with obstacles. It’s best to pack a spare car cover and tube if you’re driving this type of vehicle. Another thing to keep in mind when utilizing this vehicle is to be cautious when riding in the rain because the vehicle is prone to slipping.

Touring bike: A “touring bike” is a bicycle that is meant for touring and nomadic travel. It is not as heavy and short as a mountain bike, yet it is not as narrow as a road bike. The handlebars, which are easy to brake, and the system for changing gears are all of great quality. On long, windy journeys, the handlebars are folded like a hoe, allowing the operator to easily adjust the control position to alleviate fatigue, reduce wind resistance, and be more calm.

2. Luggage transportation

It is recommended to use a pair of hanging baskets and a small chest behind to store tools and personal belongings. If you have a waterproof type, there is no need to prepare a rain cover for your luggage. Preparing these rear-loading items will take away the burden of luggage on the top of the steering wheel, which is both difficult to control and unsafe for you.

vietnam by bike

3. Necessary tools for cycling trip

The tools listed below are considered things to remember and indispensable for a long journey.

  • A large bicycle pump
  • One or two long locks used to lock all vehicles
  • 2 large wrenches
  • 1 pliers.
  • 1 system to increase and decrease the cassette at the rear
  • 1 set of brake lines

About Mountain Bike Tours In Vietnam

4. Prepare personal luggage for the trip

– Shoes: A pair of cycling shoes to save effort on long distances; a handy pair of sandals to be “cooler” when stopping for travel or sightseeing.

– Hats, sun protection equipment: A helmet; Cycling type eyeglasses, protect your eyes from dust and sun; A good bottle of sunscreen, without sunscreen you can get a sunburn as black as a coal… stone; Headband to absorb sweat, otherwise your sunglasses will be foggy with sweat dripping down.

– Water tank: Use one of the following two ways to carry drinking water on the road: Use two drinking water bottles hanging on the side of the car, one for filtered water, one for energy drinks; Or use a water bottle and a water bottle, the water will contain filtered water and the bottle will contain energy drinks.

– Food, energy drinks: Keep in your luggage powdered energy drinks and fast foods full of nutrition and calories. Bring only enough for the trip to avoid overloading problems. Powder for making energy drinks, energizing, reducing dehydration, and preventing “cramps” (hydration drink powder or electrolyte drink powder), is very important in the early stages and stages in extremely hot, too long and difficult climates. too many hills and passes.Fast food like saltine crackers, chips, chocopie, chocolate, peanut candies, chips… These fast foods are needed for long or steep journeys, many passes.

Bike Tours In Vietnam

– Included items

Although it is classified as an accompanying item, without these things, I am afraid that your trip… is miserable!

+ A travel squeeze. Used to store important documents.

+ A toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss.

+ Medicines for necessary diseases such as stomachache, cold, flu, headache, diarrhea… A roll of toilet paper in case… haven’t taken medicine yet.

+ Mosquito repellent.

+ A light bath towel, used when you… enjoy bathing along the way.

+ A small, lightweight camera. Gives you the opportunity to record beautiful scenes along the way.

+ A small flashing light and a floodlight in case of nightfall.

+ Finally… money! You should bring enough money to spend on food and rest.

Also, if possible, bring a cell phone. This phone is a communication link between you and your team members, as well as with people and authorities who can help you along the way.



Vietnam Cycle Tours require a lot of skills and health of the participants. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare carefully to avoid any trouble along the way.. Contact us at a website www.mbtvietnam.com, gmail: alan@mtbvietnam.com or hotline (+84)985333066 for advice on trips. I Hope you have a happy trip, many memorable memories in Vietnam.

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