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Vietnam Veteran Cycling – Itinerary Ages Like Wine

Vietnam veteran cycling tour has created and offered an 11-day biking excursion trip for individuals who want to hunt for both historical context and magnificent environment actively. 

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Vietnam veteran cycling

Even though peace has been established after forty years, the war syndrome, the memories, and its effects are still felt today. Cycling in the demilitarized zone is indeed a unique chance to explore and learn about both sides of history (American and Vietnam)

Gear up and start to find out the detailed itinerary!

Vietnam Veteran Cycling – Itinerary Ages Like Wine

Preview Of The Tour

We begin in Da Nang. Then, we go straight to the majority of well-known military locations. You will have a great, relaxing time and gain new knowledge!


Hanoi – Hoi An – Hue – Khe Sanh – Dong Ha – Vinh Moc – Hue – Hanoi


11 days



Day 1. Vietnamese Capital – Hanoi

Welcome to the friendliest country in the world!

We will pick you up at the airport at your hotel. You will have time to rest and regain strength to adapt to the time zone in Vietnam. Once you’re ready, we can take to the streets to get acquainted with the streets and people of Vietnam. 

Maybe you also want to take a cyclo to see Hanoi or cycle around the lake to exercise your body. A delicious dinner awaits you at your hotel. The cycling ho chi minh trail will officially start tomorrow.

Day 2. From Hanoi To Hoi An

Distance: 80 km

We will take a flight to Da Nang. It is very quick. After that, we arrive at our hotel, equip our bikes, & begin a warm-up cycle. Your cycling ho chi minh road officially starts here. 

We bike through the famous Marble Mountains, which are home to caverns and Buddhist sanctuaries. It is not too long before we reach My Khe beach. The beach was a popular retreat for American soldiers during the war In Vietnam (aka as R&R rest & recuperation) and was dubbed “China Beach” by Americans. 

We continue southward to come to the ancient town of Hoi An, a lovely and well-preserved old commercial harbor that is currently a UNESCO Site. 

Its architecture and temples reflect the various cultural aspects of the period. Still, the place is not affected much by war, leaving it secluded and unspoiled. We will spend the night here. It’s a nice spot to roam about and explore.

Day 3. Ancient Town Hoi An

Distance: 50 km

On the third day of cycling along ho chi minh trail, we will prioritize discovering the Hoi An area.

Hoi An is still beautiful and old despite its lengthy history as a crossroads of cultures. The layout of the street and architecture of this unique cultural site exhibit a blend of international and local influences.

Biking offers you a feel more energized in both countryside and historic cities. Our adventure starts at a hotel, then we proceed on a paved road, single-track through tranquil countryside, soothing coconut trees, and into lively Hoi An Ancient Town. 

Don’t hesitate to show your talent in photos when you are here. Some retro pics may be viral. Some places you want to shoot include the Japanese bridge, Thanh Ha villages, herb village, etc.

You will have lunch on the road. Then, we will cycle to Cua Dai to enjoy the impressive sandy beach.

Day 4. From Hoi An To Hue

Distance: 120 km

We have another big day of biking tour ahead of us! Following a sumptuous breakfast, we head back to Danang and continue north.

We will go to Red Beach, where American Marines initially landed in 1965. Then we cross the bridge named Nam O. It is a crucial bridge in the battle for Danang. After that, we will reach the well-known Hai Van Pass. 

American and French soldiers exploited the pass as a crucial military strategic base throughout the Vietnam War and Indochina War. Fortifications and other bunkers can be seen dotting the slopes. Hue city is located farther to the north. We snake along the shore road to get there. 

You will spend the night at Hue on the fourth day of our journey.

Day 5. From Hue To Khe Sanh

Distance: 100 km

Today, we will continue our Vietnam cycle tour by moving inland across the farmland and temporarily saying goodbye to the shore. The 5th day is challenging. However, the scenery will be a big reward after all. 

When you see the jungled hills, you will understand why supplies traveling along the Annamite Range Trail may have passed undiscovered in this area of stunning hills covered in the impenetrable forest. 

In the 1960s, there was some violent fighting in this region. The most well-known is the “Hamburger Hill battle”. We will stop here for a while. The route we will take runs north, nearly parallel to the border. It is a part of Ho Chi Minh road. We carry on and stop for the night at Khe Sanh.

Day 6: From Khe Sanh To Dong Ha

Distance: 70 km

Our 6th-day cycling begins by seeing some significant historical sites, such as Ta Con, Tà Mây – Làng Vây, etc. They were the sites of significant fights in 1968. Our tour guide will share some info to let you get a general idea about them. 

Then, we continue to ride east, passing past banana and coffee plantations and wooded highlands. On the road, you can also see the Vietnamese Demilitarized Zone, which separated North from South Vietnam that was positioned along the demilitarized zone.

Day 7: From Dong Ha To Vinh Moc

Distance: 90 km

Today’s cycling is also related to the Demilitarized Zone. We head toward the North to come to Dong Ha. We must cross the 17th Parallel, and a river named Ben Hai.

Then we will go to Vịnh Mốc. The place is the famous tunnel complex that locals create to avoid relentless US bombardment. It witnessed history and saved the lives of the inhabitants. The tunnels remain in excellent shape. So, you can take some pictures of this because you just visited a hero of Vietnam.

After seeing them, we head south, crossing the famous Quảng Trị’s bridge named Hien Luong. We find a stunning tribute to the War’s victims in this location. Once we head back to the south, we will come to Trường Sơn Cemetery. The place is a sizable cemetery with more than 10,000 Vietnamese burials, many of which are nameless. They are the troops and civilians who lost their lives defending the Annamite Range Trail. Before spending the night in Dong Ha, we will visit other locations, such as the US outposts at Base Fuller and Con Thien.

Day 8. From Dong Ha To Hue

Distance: 85 km

We bike south on smoother roads once again after leaving Dong Ha behind, passing more villages and towns than we’ve done in the previous several days.

We make a pit stop at Quang Tri and the Ai Tu airstrip to discover this area. Eighty-one fierce nights and days happened here in 1972 is renowned for the massive quantity of US-dropped bombs. 

We will also visit a church named Long Hung. This is a Catholic building where American soldiers unsuccessfully attempted to take cover during the conflict. It is preserved in its post-battle state, with bullet holes and grenade scars. Then we go to Hue on the road named Shelling of Highway 1. 

We then spend the rest of the day touring important locations across Hue city.

Day 9. Dreamy Hue’s day

Distance: 60 km

After breakfast, you’ll have a leisurely bicycle tour of Hue. Let’s visit the citadel, tomb architecture, or Imperial Citadel.

One of Vietnam’s major hubs for academia, culture, and religion is Hue. Hue is still a unique historical city in Vietnam as of now. Anywhere along the sides, Sông Hương – perfume river, is a large part of Hue’s treasures. This priceless building has several design pieces that depict the lives of the mandarins and Emperors during Nguyen’s rule.

Day 10: From Hue To Hanoi

Distance: 600 km

We will take a quick flying trip early in the morning to Hanoi, a busy north metropolis. 

The remaining time allows you to unwind and recuperate from the long trip. You may want to continue exploring the 36 streets in the Old Quarter’s maze of winding alleyways. Or you may want to go to the Vietnamese president’s mausoleum or simply sit in some cafés and watch the Hanoi-ers go by. 

We got together once again that night for supper to celebrate our successes. Sleep tight. You’re going to have a flight tomorrow.

Day 11: Leave Hanoi

Wake up on time. The hotel has already prepared a healthy breakfast for you. Just sit back, relax and wait for the time to go to the airport. We appreciate you accompanying us on a once-in-a-lifetime cycling vacation.

Wrap It Up

It’s all about a Vietnam veteran cycling tour. We hope you enjoy our journey. Learning about history and historical places that have witnessed the change in history will make each person’s life more meaningful every day. We remember the past, cycle through new lands, and get better daily!

Other great cycling routes are also updated here. Stay tuned for more info on them!

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