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Why Should You Take On Vietnam Bike Tours?

Meta: Taking on Vietnam bike tours – why not? Here are 8 reasons you should know!

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Traveling by bike in Vietnam is becoming more and more popular among young people today, and taking on Vietnam bike tours hasn’t been strange with foreigners when traveling to Vietnam . The following article will show 16 reasons why we should “pack our bags and go” regardless of cost and experience. Please leave your comments in the comment section below if you found this article useful!

Tourist destinations are not too far apart

In Vietnam, almost the distance between provinces is not too far, it only takes less than 1 day to go to famous check-in locations, moreover, there are many roads to reach the destination. your desired point instead of having to travel by highway. Alternative routes in Vietnam are hardly difficult to travel by bike, it may take time, a bit further than the main routes but in return, a 1-day journey on bike goes deep. Going into the local routes will show you very different scenery, very fresh, very rustic and also very beautiful.

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Stopovers are everywhere

If you are wondering whether to go backpacking to new, completely unfamiliar roads and don’t know where to rest or stop, don’t worry. Hotels are everywhere, with all price ranges, from low to high depending on your choice.

In rural areas, there are also hotels and homestays that provide you with basic conditions with prices ranging from 100,000-200,000 VND. Here, you can participate in activities with the locals in that place. Often in such accommodations, most residents will invite you to participate in family activities, traditions and local dishes.

Camping is also an interesting experience, but camping along the way if you have a long trip will be a bit cumbersome and a bit inconvenient. So it’s better to choose a stable place to rest after a day on the road and prepare for the next day in the best way.


Local food

Honestly, Vietnam is home to countless different dishes, unique depending on the region. And to enjoy the full flavor of a dish, you need to come to the place, eat at the place, enjoy the atmosphere in the places you go.

If you have time in the countryside, go around the local markets or ask the owners of motels and homestays for their favorite dishes that they still use locally, you will receive a series of suggestions about Delicious food to add to your travel list. This is also a great way for you to become more familiar, more immersed in the cultural identity of each ethnic region across Vietnam.

One more thing to note, locals are usually very hospitable and always want to welcome their guests with a cozy little party with their family, and certainly the indispensable dish is wine. Do not refuse flatly if you do not know how to drink, the host will not be happy!


Convenience stores, groceries everywhere

In addition to hotels, motels, and homestays, there is one thing that grows innumerable, which is grocery stores along your route.

Here you can find a variety of cool things, from fast food to personal items needed for your trip. Thanks to that, backpacking luggage is also lighter and less cumbersome. Also limit your worries when leaving a few items at home.


Easy to find repair shops

Along the main roads you can easily find a series of large and small auto repair shops. The auto mechanic here is capable of handling minor damage to your vehicle such as a puncture, or a tire change.

Auto repair shops can be very easy to find but also consider the reliability there. Do not deliver or neglect your vehicle while the mechanic inspects and repairs.

Although you can find auto repair shops in the places you go, don’t be subjective. When planning to go on a short/long-term backpacking trip, always remember to maintain and repair the car first. Prepare yourself a “healthy” bike so as not to miss or interrupt your journey.


Be more active in your trip

Obviously, when you choose to travel by bike, you can decide which route you will go to and stop, wherever you want, at any time. From being active in your journey, you can enjoy all the beautiful scenery on the roads that you pass through, stopping by the special wonders that mother nature bestows, admiring the scenery. The wonderful scenery there, taking a deep breath to enjoy the fresh air different from the smoky city is something that surely young people who are passionate about traveling, exploring here and there, want to try and experience it.


Cultivate the spirit of independence

The trip will really become more memorable when something goes wrong, surely many of you will have to face uncertainties during the journey, sometimes it will be a little difficult to solve it, making it difficult to solve the problem. You really want to give up. But when you solve it, the feeling you get will be very very special, like you just won a tournament.





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For those who are passionate about backpacking and driving, taking on Vietnam bike tours is always the best thing. Pick up your backpack, travel here and there, watch the river and mountains swing, not mind much about the busyness and difficulties that we have to face every day. We all live only once in our lives, let’s experience it once, throw away all the worries of life and immerse ourselves in the gift that nature gives, so as not to regret our youthful days. via.. Contact us at a website www.mbtvietnam.com, gmail: alan@mtbvietnam.com or hotline (+84)985333066 for advice on trips. We are very pleased to serve you in Vietnam.

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